In conjunction with International Women’s Day, we called for readers to commend local female entrepreneurs they knew. Responses were pretty overwhelming and I got in touch with several ladies, strong, beautiful and inspiring in their own way. This series is a shoutout to women who have dared to dream and try, and I hope they inspire you with what they are doing. Today’s post highlights three local jewellery brands for ladies who are looking for that special touch. Your pockets will thank you too 😉



On Andrea: Envet –Bernice Earrings | Item 1: FawnxFern – Darlyn Loop Choker | Item 2: – Rowen Abstract Earrings Earrings | Item 3: FawnxFern – Egon Abstract Hoop Earrings | Item 4: Envet – Blooming Silver Earrings | Item 5: FawnxFern – Garcon Twirl Ring


Envet, owned by Anita Rusli, is no stranger to the fashionista. Her vibrant and exotic earrings draw inspiration from her travels to different cultures. Did you know that the blue eye amulet (or bead) symbolizes good luck, and wards off evil? (Note from Andrea: I really did chance upon these blue beads in Cappadocia!)

The next brand that’s worth looking at is FawnxFern. Major props to the branding – head over to their site, you’ll love how much thought has gone into the design of each single look and item! They have a vast collection of accessories and arm candies to choose from.

Thirdly, we have, a shop that aims to provide trendy and affordable earrings for women. Started by Reann Ng, an accountancy student in university, she proves that when running a business, age doesn’t matter! I think that it is inspiring and invaluable to do what you love from young.


From left to right: Envet – Jupiter Earrings in Apricot | FawnxFern – Jacob Knot Cuff | FawnxFern – Garcon Twirl Ring

One of the most amazing feelings for a woman is knowing you are being supported by other ladies, so hop over to their sites now! There are many, many, more products – don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Happy bejewelling!


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