What an honour to get to be at the final TommyxGigi Collection in Milan! Though I hope it will not the last in years to come – the collections Gigi Hadid has designed with Tommy Hilfiger have been so young, fresh, and vivacious – it is not a surprise her final collaboration with the brand centres around the exhilarating theme of racing.

Held at the Milan Congressi, the event space was huge: it had to be able to fit to 2000 people comfortably, house an oval-shaped “racing track runway”, accommodate four Formula One Mercedes Benz racing cars, and include a retail store that can stock the collection showing on the runway – after all, every TommyxGigi collection has always been on a “see now, buy now” retail model. With Post Malone’s “Rockstar” blasting in the background, the atmosphere was electric, and I couldn’t help but be mesmerised at every turn.

The collection paid tribute to Tommy Hilfiger’s love for racing: iconic Tommy Hilfiger red-blue-white colour schemes splashed with checkerboard racing-themed patterns, graphic illustrations and typography.

The final walk was spectacular: with Gigi and Tommy leading a pack of “Models of Our Generation” – her siblings Bella and Anwar, and personalities like Hailey Baldwin, Joan Smalls, Lucky Blue Smith, Winnie Harlow, and Jeremy Meeks. It was also so heartwarming to see Bella being so supportive of her sister!

All in all, what a stunning collection, and I’m so stoked to be able to share this with you guys! We just wrapped up a TommyxGigi giveaway on my Instagram, but don’t fret, more Tommy updates to come your way soon! x



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