With attendees at OrangeAid‘s first ever #FutureSpeak seminar

Getting animated whilst sharing about my experience in Digital Advertising

Speaking with students at the seminar – we had students from Media & Communications, Nursing, Biotechnology, and Business schools attending the event

Late last year, I reached out to Income OrangeAid – the community development arm of NTUC Income – to explore ways in which we can work together. I supported OrangeAid‘s Back to School fundraising campaign previously, and I wanted to see how else we could raise awareness, or get involved in the initiatives they developed/ are developing.

OrangeAid focuses on empowering youth-in-need through education by committing 1% of Income’s annual insurance operating profits to its Future Development Programme (FDP), a programme that supports tertiary students from low-income families through bursaries, financial literacy workshops, and character development training.

Growing up during my teenage years, finances were tight at home sometimes, but my parents placed a lot of emphasis on education and they made sure that I had all the resources I needed. They put me in tuition classes, provided additional allowance for extra-curricular activities (studying Theatre Studies & Drama in JC actually required a lot of pocket money on the side for props, drawing materials, and tickets to drama productions for research), and pulled together money for my schools’ Overseas Immersion Programmes. When I graduated from Junior College, I immediately started working so that I could save up and pay for my University Degree. It helped that I had bursaries and financial schemes to alleviate the costly tuition fees. I recognise the impact a good education and learning environment has had on me, and how any little bit of help financially can go a long way.

Which is why OrangeAid‘s FDP is an initiative that I’m proud to support. What started out as a conversation in a humble cafe over coffee, is now a recently launched FDP Alumni Coaching programme, of which I am the first official coach. I know I’m only 26 and can hardly qualify as a life “coach” by any means, but my aim is to share my industry knowledge with students interested, or keen to pursue a non-conventional career in Digital Advertising. In this year-long coaching programme, I give seminar-like talks (called #FutureSpeak seminars) to students studying in Polytechnics and Institutes of Technical Education (ITE), and will eventually take on five FDP beneficiaries as mentees for three months!

I gave my first #FutureSpeak talk over the weekend at Income Centre. Titled “The Best You“, the talk focuses on how social media can better one’s personal branding, and how social media can act as a good portfolio for anyone pursuing a career in the media and/ or creative industry. I had tons of fun sharing my professional thoughts on this topic, and we had an intimate Q&A session after, where attendees raised questions like “What are your struggles when you first started?“; and “How do you approach potential clients/ partners to invest in your brand?“.

I look forward to sharing more of my experiences with OrangeAid, and I hope you guys can join me in empowering youth-in-need through education!



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