Here’s something interesting you may not know about Andrea: she’s incredibly organised and neat. A huge part of why our office looks so nice and well-decorated is because of the absence of mess anywhere. Everything in our office has its place, and we make sure to clean and repack it every single evening before leaving the office to keep it neat and tidy.

Download the PT – Design & Print App to start creating your own labels! Suitable for both Android and Apple products, it connects to the P-touch CUBE wirelessly via Bluetooth.

So, the day we got Brother’s P-touch, a smartphone dedicated label printer, was a momentous occasion. I have never seen Andrea as excited as when she was unboxing it. “It’s going to be so useful!”, she gushed, and promptly downloaded the PT – Design & Print app on her phone to start designing labels.

To be perfectly honest, I have to admit that the rest of us in the DC team were pretty sceptical about the P-touch CUBE at first. Do we even have that many things to label? Once we started actually playing around with the app and creating labels however, we realised that yes, we really did, and were blown away at how useful it was!

The P-touch comes with a standard black on white laminated tape with adhesive already attached on the back, so it’s super convenient and you don’t have to hunt for double-sided tape. Brother also makes laminated tapes of many different colours and patterns, and even iron-on fabric (for when you do not want your clothes mixed up with others) and ribbon tapes (for the gifting season!)! The tapes are hard-wearing, with the laminated ones made to be withstand abrasion, temperature, sun, water and chemicals, and the fabric tapes are made to withstand the outdoors and regular washing!

No scissors? Don’t worry! The P-touch CUBE comes with an in-built cutting function.

The label printer also has an in-built cutting function, so you can easily cut it once it’s done printing without using scissors. I like that you can switch out the tapes any time too, so there’s no need to worry about damaging the tape inside. Another amazing thing? The P-touch automatically detects when you’ve changed out tapes and will update that information in your app before printing!

Andrea was having such a blast labelling everything that the rest of us got curious and downloaded the app too. The PT – Design & Print app works on both Android and iPhone and connects to the printer via Bluetooth. It’s really easy to use, with a ton of pre-made categories and templates already there for you to just click, type and go! Our favourite was the “Create Your Own Label” option though, because we could customise our own fonts and sizes, add emoji, and even add a tiny picture if we really wanted.

Cue the labelling frenzy. We labelled our cabinets, our files, our laptops, the beauty cabinet, even our notebooks!

Who says labels are just for products and containers? Decorate your notebook with the colourful tapes! 

Label your beauty products so you know when you should replenish them (check each product’s shelf life).
The labels are waterproof so don’t worry about them getting wet! 

Shilin started labelling our pantry, or rather, her personal stash with a threat thrown in at the rest of us (they’re really good cookies shh…) and I even printed out a customised message on a ribbon to wrap a friend’s birthday present with! (Hi Jae-Mie, now you know how late I wrapped it!)

Pro-tip: To get the message to repeat nicely across the ribbon, turn off the “cut mark’ function in Cut Options under your print setting, then set the number of copies or times you want it to repeat before printing the message. Do not cut the ribbon until you’ve measured it against your present to get an accurate measurement of how much you’ll need!

Shilin’s threats are real… do not eat her cookies!

Personalise your ribbons, you can customise the font, font size, and spacing!

All in all, the Brother P-touch CUBE turned out to be incredibly useful and now completely indispensable to our office. Our office is neater than ever, and I honestly didn’t know that was even possible. Try it for yourselves if you want to get organised and have a massively fun time doing it!

Ready, set, label!



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