In Singapore, where one’s average bedtime is at 12.30am, it is a constant battle to race against the clock and wake up the next day feeling and looking refreshed. It’s no secret that facial mask sheets can help us achieve the #iwokeuplikethis look, and some sources even claim that Egyptian queen Cleopatra applied egg-white onto her face to remain irresistible in the looks department. Perhaps we can take a leaf out of her royal highness’ books and luxuriate in 15 minutes of self-pampering! For those who need a quick fix, here are five facial sheet masks, tried and tested, for your personal facial sesh at home, or even when you travel:

Disclaimer: I have dull skin and a slightly oily T-zone! I tried these masks over a series of three weeks, with a few days break in between for optimal effectiveness, of course.


Elizabeth Arden – SUPERSTART Probiotic Boost Skin Renewal Biocellulose Mask

The mesh layer that came with the mask was very unique to me – apparently it’s meant to help the mask fit your face contour! The mask was very cooling on my skin, perfect for unwinding after a long day. The SUPERSTART’s key ingredients of Probiotic Complexes, Sea Fennel Extract and Biocellulose (derived from natural coconut contours) helps to lock in moisture and support your skin’s natural renewal process!


KOSÉ – Sekkisei Essence Mask

Of all the masks I tried, the sheet from KOSÉ’s Sekkisei Essence Mask was noticeably of a better quality because of its thickness. Also, its ability to retain its milky serum well meant it was not dripping when I removed it out of the pouch. This mask is saturated with extracts from angelica root, coix seed, and melothria, ingredients which have whitening qualities and give your face a clear complexion. Other ingredients like the Calendula Officinalis flower have anti-inflammatory properties, tailored towards sensitive skin.


Origins – Plantscription Youth-Renewing Sheet Mask

Origins promises a mask formulated without any parabens or sulfates, and I thought this mask performed well. My skin was smooth and supple the next morning with its Tamanu Oil extract providing ample hydration for my face.  The ORIGINS Plantscription Youth-Renewing sheet mask is a cellulose mask full of plant-based oils, like raspberry, rosehip oil, and tamanu oil. These oils have anti-ageing benefits, and together with Anogeissus bark extract, which smooths out fine lines, the mask will replenish lost moisture in your skin!

Skin Inc – Facial in a Flash Multi-Masking Bento Set

What’s multi-masking, you may ask? Skin Inc’s sheet masks allow you to customize the type of mask based on your skin needs. For the top half of my face, I used the Platinum Mask to brighten my eye area, and the Black Gold mask on the bottom half of my face to calm a potential pimple forming. My personal favourite out of the lot because I found the hydrogel masks soothing for my skin, and slip-resistant too.

Acwell – Traditional Grain Syrup Ginger Mask

A brand developed based on ancient Korean medicinal products, I found them a delight. Across the various Acwell masks I tried out, I loved how this Ginger Mask was consistently and thoroughly soaked with blends which left my face thoroughly hydrated. You can purchase this from Macqueza, an online beauty emporium that imports affordable Korean products directly for ladies with sensitive skin.


So that’s it! Before you pop a facial mask on, remember to clean your face so that your skin will be able to absorb the product more easily. For those with long fringes or sideburns, you may want to put on a hairband or tie up loose strands of hair! After masking, you can also massage any remnant product on your neck or décolletage. It will be a great moisture boost that prevents your skin from producing any unnecessary sebum.

Mask away!


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