Sugared fondant cakes provide a personal touch to the once traditional Jack’s Place or Four Leaves cake for birthdays and merriments. They take time, skill, and effort to bake, and sometimes, the cake ends up too pretty to be eaten! Total #firstworldproblems, I know. Still, if you ever need to customize the design or flavour of your cake, here are four local bakeries you can consider!

Cream & Custard

Cream & Custard offers Alphabet Tarts, made with their signature tart base together with light passionfruit mousse and Italian meringue, topped with gold speckled macarons and berries! Owner Melissa believes in baking from the heart, and her choice of top-quality ingredients goes hand in hand with the burst of flavours. It’s certainly drool-worthy!



Of course, Instagrammable cakes are also a must-have these days, and they look irresistibly delectable. Look no further – Zeexelle is all of that, and staring at their page got our tummies rumbling really quickly. We had their signature Dapper cake – look at that galaxy and milky way-esque detail! Their naked and rustic cakes sell just as well so you should consider those too.


Cakes by HGY

We also have Cakes by HGY who recently joined the baking scene last year with their artisanal and minimalist cakes. Our chocolate sponge cake was tastefully paired with caramel and cream cheese buttercream, and it was finger-licking good. You can personalise the flavours, and the head chef will do up a one-of-a-kind cake and design for you!



If you’re not a cake person, or prefer a less messy option, especially if kids are around, you may also want to consider macarons, like the macaron tower or macaron set that BeCakefull has for sale. We had an assortment of macaron flavours – lavender, sea salt caramel, dark chocolate, and Tahitian vanilla, too, with the marble-swirled ones looking especially gorgeous.


Now, who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too? I hope you manage to get a great cake to celebrate the occasion. Hurry, order them now!

Let them eat cake,


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