Hey guys! We are super excited to reveal a brand new section on the blog tomorrow – DC EDIT! While we work on the finer details for the big unveil of our new baby (which includes our first fashion shoot!), I want to give you a little peek into what went on behind-the-scenes and, of course, share my thoughts on this new addition!

With photographer Amos Yong, who shot our “A Summer Story” series.


How did the idea for DC Edit come to life and what can we look forward to from this shoot?

Travel and Lifestyle have always been the two main themes transcending our platforms— Instagram, Blog, YouTube and Facebook— so this time I really wanted to push the team and myself to get even more creative in doing something totally different! It’s an idea we’ve toyed with for a while — shooting Fashion in a stylised get-up. But what’s different is, while I’m usually by myself or with Shilin (who has been taking our photos the past 3 months) and doing my own make-up in an impromptu setting, this time I’m supported by an entire team of creatives. The team includes a stylist, make-up artist, photographer, videographer, and his crew. The whole experience was nothing short of amazing! The part that really excites me the most: when like-minded creative people come together, magic happens!

Amos giving me some modeling tips – he’s a pro of course!

What inspired the shoot?

The first thing you’ll notice is that all the pieces are very beautiful and Summer-y, afterall the pieces are from the brands’ Summer 2018 collection. Most importantly, they’re extremely wearable for our climate! We were inspired by the looks we pulled together— the relaxed flowy silhouettes, the nautical beach hues of white, cream and cerulean blue mixed with pops of citrus and the occasional magenta with accessories that say ‘I didn’t do much to look this good, but I have arrived anyway!’. Of course, no summer chill vibe shoot is complete without Lana Del Ray crooning in the background, so yeah, maybe you can say she was part of the inspiration.

What are the biggest misconceptions people have about a photoshoot like this one?

That it is “easy”. I feel that a lot of people think it’s all about getting a model to pose in pretty clothes with great makeup. But to produce a true masterpiece, you require a skilled team of creatives. The stylist doesn’t just pick looks which he prefers. The visuals need to look cohesive and pulled together to create a story. You’ll also need a makeup artist with the relevant experience. For example, fashion and wedding shoots will require very different skill sets. You’ll also need a photographer with whom you share chemistry and who is able to take in, translate and deliver your vision (assisted, of course, by his team of lighting experts). Lastly, if you have video content then you’ll obviously need a videographer on board too. It really takes a village— the right village.

Loved working with our videographer Xin for this shoot! 

What is your favourite look from the shoot?

Definitely the look with the 45R top, the Hermès scarf and bangles. This look was really interesting because our stylist, Martin (who was inspired by his “Hermès Bible”), brilliantly doubled-up on conventional Hermès scarves as a headband and bra top! I also loved that the top can be used as both an outer piece or on its own! This look is, hands down, the winner!

Tell us a little bit more about the new DC EDIT!

I think once the page launches tomorrow you’ll see exactly how the visuals and content are deliberately different from the other parts of the blog! DC EDIT will allow us to showcase how seemingly premium labels or heirloom-worthy pieces can be weaved into every girl, lady or woman’s everyday style. One can also look forward to my spin on moving fashion trends and, most importantly, we want to advocate relevancy in the pieces that we stand behind. My personal belief and love for fashion as an art form needs to be shared! We’ll definitely be putting our own DC-spin to everything, so watch this space guys!

How involved were you in the creative process of the fashion shoot?

I’m always very involved in all my projects large or small! Usually when I work with publications on editorial spreads they would have already assembled a stellar team with the entire shoot’s nitty gritty pat down to a T. This time, however, was vastly different, as I had to wear multiple hats—Creative Director, Production Manager and Talent. I had to work very closely with our stylist, Martin, for our first DC Edit series – titled A Summer Story. I really was a bunch of nerves throughout the process of coordinating and collaborating with Martin—we had to always ensure that our reinterpretation of these looks fit my style. We shot with photographer Amos Abel Yong (who cracks the lamest jokes!), and videographer, Xin (the kindest soul!), both from Calibre Pictures. You guys would also know that we’ve been working a lot with Airin recently. She is a wonderful make-up artist and deserves every plaudit for the absolute summer sun-kissed vibe in these shots. In short, the team really was all round AMAAAZING!

What can we look forward to in the next series?

We’ll definitely switch things up to keep things interesting, without compromising on our core, clean-cut aesthetic. We’re already working on our next projects and I’m really excited for you guys to see what’s in store!

Any memorable moments from the shoot?

Probably how hungry I was! HAHA! We kept ordering room service. I always have fun at shoots and food brings people together. Also, just the opportunity to work with these wonderful creative talents, a pure meeting of like-minds, the knowledge gained and shared from our conversations have been truly inspiring. These are the things that will stick around for a long time to come.


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