Having recently shifted into my new place, I’ve been looking out for home accessories to make my home look cosy and of course, to reflect my clean and simple-living philosophy. I’ve been taking notes from the Kinfolk Home book, and it seems like de-cluttering IS the way to go. Colour accents of white and rustic brown, with marbled and rattan surfaces are essential picks when it comes to a minimalist approach to home decor.

From our recent International Women’s Day shoutout (you can read our jewellery post from the series here), we discovered two homeware brands you can shop at for your living space.

Kraft Storage Paper Bag and Straw Weaved Basket from In Calm Repose.

Gold and Behold, founded by Art Director Winnie Wong, houses contemporary home decor pieces that are inspired by nature and simplicity. Joey Low began In Calm Repose as a response to her passion for home interiors and simplicity. She stocks products both aesthetic and functional, and you can see how her business reflects her ethos about life.

Today’s post will give you a glimpse into how their products help beautify your space without having to do any renovation works. After careful analysis and flipping through tons of magazines, here are three space décor tips that I hope will come in handy for you, especially if you would like to aspire towards living the Kinfolk life.

Also, do read till the end to stand a chance to win some homeware!

  1. Explore and experiment with textures

Texture is important because it creates depth, especially when you only have a tiny space to play with. Don’t be afraid to use a variety of materials, be it pairing marble with velvet for a luxe feel, or shagreen together with fur… The options are endless. In the images below, the egg-shaped magnetic paperweight acts as a great conversation starter, and so do the candle holders!

Egg Magnetic Paperweight from Gold & Behold

Zen Candle Holder from Gold & Behold. 

  1. Go green

Most Singaporeans spend their time cooped up indoors, so it helps to look at some green and have some form of nature around us, just so we remember to stop, breathe, and be calm. Plants are not just for our parents’ generation (did I mention my father gifted me with a tomato plant recently?), and cactuses shouldn’t be the only option for those who aren’t green-thumbed. Is it any wonder why tropical prints and monstera leaves are all the rage now? A little planter by the bedside or a large indoor plant can makes a lot of difference, as pictured below.

  1. Creative storage solutions

You can be a hoarder, but if you learn the art of keeping everything unsightly away, it frees up your space so there’s lesser distractions. It just takes a lot of discipline sometimes, especially when it’s so much easier to dump everything on the nearest available corner rather than sort and pack things up neatly. Well, who says storage options are always boring? You can re-purpose old boxes, or even use a lovely paperbag like the one below to disguise what you need to hide.



While there are endless ways to decorate and style your crib, it should reflect how you want the space to make you feel. For those who want their space to evoke happiness, fill it with things that you enjoy, like photographs of fond memories or loved ones. If busy bees would like to feel calm and focused, the best way is simply to de-clutter and have one or two key items in cool colours. You don’t need to spend lavish amounts of money to renovate your space, sometimes, all it takes is a few simple touches.

To get you started, we’re doing a giveaway of certain products from Gold & Behold and In Calm Repose.

[blockquote]Set 1: In Calm Repose Basket Bag
Set 2: Gold & Behold trays 2b, 3b, 3c.
Set 3: Gold & Behold Planter 2a, Gold & Behold tray 3a.[/blockquote]

The giveaway is now closed – thank you all for participating. The three lucky winners are Zhi Ying, Vivien, and Wan Qing! We will be emailing you shortly, so do check your inboxes.

Separately, for those keen on shopping at Gold & Behold, you can make use of this shopping code “STAYGOLD” which will give you 15% off storewide. The code expires 31 May.

Off to spruce my space now!


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