Age is catching up and so are the size of my eye bags. I used to be able to stay up overnight in chalet parties (all you 90’s kids know what I’m talking about) and it wouldn’t be visibly obvious, but not anymore. For fuss-free ladies, you might overlook the importance eye creams, but did you know the skin around your eyes is most delicate as compared to the rest of your face? And because we are constantly squinting or rubbing our eyes, signs of aging and fatigue are more likely to show there (i.e Crow’s feet and Wrinkles.)

A good eye cream can prevent just that; on top of that, it also moisturises dry skin and minimises dark circles… the list goes on. In this post, I put the La Mer Eye Concentrate to the test for a week.

The La Mer Eye Concentrate has a fresh whiff of cucumber extract, and is cool on the skin, which helps me to relax. What I like about this concentrate is that its texture is thick and creamy, which means that it is highly concentrated with emollients. The silver-tipped applicator not only looks and feels luxe, it is also a hygienic and easy way to clean it after daily use. Having to work late on some nights means I can’t wait to hit the sack, but it also means I wake up with some dark rings the morning after. What I noticed when I woke up with the concentrate applied was that the skin around my eye was noticeably firmer and I could feel the difference.

The way I applied it was by taking a pea-sized amount of the product and putting it along my orbital bone (under the eyebrow) and under my eyes in a semi-circle shape below the lash line. I also used the gel applicator to massage the eye cream onto my skin in a gentle, sweeping motion for easier absorption. For those who are wondering, your eye cream should be put before your moisturiser or serum! Of course, other practical ways to take care of and prevent skin aging around the eye would be to softly massage the area around your eyes daily, and as every fashionista will attest to, put on a good pair of sunglasses to block out those UV rays! I hope you’ll give this La Mer Eye Concentrate a try soon – simply because it can smoothen out wrinkles, minimise dark circles, brighten and tighten – what more do you need?

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