If you’re constantly on-the-go, or if you travel often, I’m sharing with you one life hack you need that will come in handy when you pack! Have that one spacious beauty bag and pack only the essential items. I usually pick travel-sized items or palettes that enable me to travel as light as I can while maximising and utilising the colours and properties of the beauty tools and products that I’m bringing. In this post, I’ll show you some of the items I usually bring, the rest I’ve shared in a YouTube video which I’ve embedded below.

We are also giving away a Mark & Scribe Cosmetic Case (colour of your size) in the video, watch on to find out more.

Mark & Scribe Cosmetic Case

Clearly, a beauty bag needs to look beautiful! I’m currently using a Large Cosmetic Case from Mark & Scribe in Blush. Not only does it come with your personalised initials, and gold-coloured hardware, it is also a really good investment because it’s extremely roomy, has a brush organiser, and is made of vegan leather!

It’s been termed the “one-kit-wonder” and I couldn’t agree more! I use this palette as my eyeshadow, and also as a highlighter and bronzer to contour and accentuate my cheekbones and jawline.

I’m huge on cleansing, and I use the Foreo Luna Mini 2 to clean my face thoroughly, both before and after my makeup. It’s really compact, which is great so it barely takes up any space in my luggage, and super gentle on my skin because of its soft silicone bristles!

My signature cat eyeliner looks are usually created with felt-tip liquid eyeliners, because they allow for greater precision in a single stroke. This one from Burberry is richly pigmented and really long-lasting.

I’ve been using this for years to shape and define my brows! My brows look really defined and natural whenever I use this kit, which I love!

This lipstick palette is an unexpected gem from Peninsular Plaza (it’s a Thai brand, don’t confuse it with the Korean skincare brand!). I love mixing and matching the colours to create shades to fit my outfits and the occasions.

After putting on my makeup, I spray some makeup setting spray, so I don’t have to keep touching up! It’s a soothing mist and I like how I even smell great afterwards. Definitely a keeper!

There you have it! Remember to catch the full video – we’re doing a giveaway you don’t want to miss!



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