Fresh And Interesting Ways To Rock Modest Fashion

Modest fashion has been gaining mainstream attention in the fashion industry, and as a young Muslim girl, I honestly couldn’t be more excited. Major brands such as DKNY and H&M have launched modest fashion lines, and Nike’s even released new athletic headwear for Muslim women!

Modest fashion usually refers to clothes that show less skin and are more loose-fitting. But don’t be mistaken, it’s not exclusive to Muslim women and can be worn by anyone!

Many people assume modest fashion is plain or boring, but with major brands turning their attention towards this style, there’s a lot to be excited about. Today, I’ve decided to style some modest fashion looks to show that you can be fashionable whilst still covering up.

Monochrome Sets

Stella Set | Source | Long Jacket Set

From the pages of Vogue to our Instagram feeds, the monochrome trend has been seen everywhere lately. The best part about it is, by sticking to one hue, your outfit will always look stylish and put together.

This Brown Stella Set and Grey Minimalist Long Jacket Set from FashionValet take out the slightest bit of hassle and have your colours pre-matched for you. It’s the perfect go-to outfit for dealing with morning rushes!

Girly Grunge

Refuge Denim Jacket | Source | Erebael Wide Leg Pant

Add a touch of grunge edginess to a feminine outfit with rugged and distressed pieces like this light denim Refugee Jacket. I love the extra handwritten Arabic script printed on the back that gives it that little something special, while also bringing attention to an important cause!

To keep the look balanced, pair with a softer, more feminine piece like these Pleat Wide Leg Pants in this gorgeous nude shade!

Bold Bohemian Prints

Zaha Bamboo Clutch | Source | Olive Lee Jumpsuit

Floral prints and bright colours are everywhere this Summer, so it’s about time you threw on something bold this season! Who says modesty has to be plain and drab anyway? Go wild with this Yellow Olive Lee Jumpsuit from Stine Goya, and complete this tropical look with this summer-appropriate Zaha Bamboo Clutch from Cult Gaia.

Tailored Minimalist

Lilit Wide Leg Pant | Source | Boa Blouse White

My personal favourite, this look is understated but definitely not boring. The Lilit Wide Leg Pants in khaki is a minimalist wardrobe essential as it can go effortlessly with any top to give you a whole different look.

For this look, we’re keeping things simple and clean with this White Boa Blouse. You can also choose between leaving the top untucked for a more relaxed vibe or tucked in for a more put-together look. Top it off with a pair of slip-ons and off you go!

Protip: When working with layers and pieces that have a lot of fabric, a tailored cut can make a world of difference. Opt for pieces with sleek, simple finishes like the ones we chose!

Modern Classic

Ash Open Front Abaya | Source | Pebble Slip Dress 

This look is a favourite among Muslim fashion bloggers due to its simplicity and timelessness. It’s a modern take on the black abayas (a full-length outer garment) worn in places like Saudi Arabia.

Inayah’s Pebble Slip Dress is a versatile wardrobe essential I’d recommend to all Muslim girls but makes for a great simple maxi for anyone really.  You can choose to wear a long sleeve top underneath it or an outer layer over like this Ash Open Front Abaya for extra coverage. Dress it down with flats or sandals, or throw on a pair of heels if you’re going to a formal event.

I understand, sometimes the struggle is real when styling fashion modestly. You’re trying to look chic and sleek — not drowned in layers and layers of clothing. But I hope these looks have shown you that modest fashion can be both functional and fashionable! You just gotta get creative and draw inspiration from all around you!


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