I love earrings because they’re the perfect accessories to instantly elevate even the simplest of outfits. But with all the accessory trends that come and go every season, it’s simply not possible (or worth it) to shop every look that’s fresh off the runway. So to help you stay chic without breaking the bank, I’ve rounded up the 5 best earring trends that are absolutely worth investing in!

Squiggle Earrings

Squiggle style earrings are the perfect drop-style earring for modern minimalists and are making waves (get it) as a new-age accessory staple. Chic, elegant and extremely versatile, this accessory would go great with a simple cocktail dress, and equally well with any simple jeans and t-shirt combo too!

ASOS Design Fine Twist Pull Through Earrings | WKNDLA Lia Squiggle Earrings

Thick Gold Hoops

I’m a sucker for a good set of hoops, but just like studs, sometimes they seem a little basic. Fortunately, this year’s hoops have gotten a major makeover with thicker styles in a slew of shapes and sizes. I especially love these wavy drop hoops that give the illusion of melted gold! Just pair with a trusty LBD for an elegant and simple evening look that’ll be a hit every time.

I’m wearing Diving For Pearls’ Farrah Gold Earrings

Diving For Pearls Farrah Gold Earrings | Elizabeth And James Joni Gold-Plated Topaz Hoop Earrings

Bedazzled Dangling Earrings

Nothing says “statement earring” like a whole lot of bling. Bedazzled danglers are great companions to this season’s 80’s trend we’ve seen strutting down the runways and while they’re flashier than most styles, they pair easily with any outfit. Just remember that these babies are a look all on their own, and keep other accessories minimal.

Liars & Lovers Filigree Chandelier Drop Earrings | Kenneth Jay Lane Silver And Rhodium-Plated Crystal Earrings

Alphabet Charm Earrings

Much like the classic alphabet necklaces we’ve seen celebrities rock for years, this earring trend is an understated way to add a personalised touch to a look. If you’ve got multiple ear piercings, stack this over a thick gold hoop or squiggle earring for a delicate and unique finish!


Diving For Pearls Alphabet Earrings | Ring Concierge Diamond Initial Studs

Face Earrings

It’s easy to see why this trend has become a favourite amongst street style stars and indie jewellery designers alike. It’s artsy, intriguing, but not at all over the top—a rare combination that’s quickly made this trend a must-have for seasons to come. So put that hair up in a bun and rock this quirky new trend, ’cause it’s here to stay.

Diving For Pearls Serena Earrings | Elizabeth Cole Flower Face Earrings

Keeping up with trends can be an expensive endeavour, so be discerning with your pieces and invest in the trends that are here to stay for more than just one season! I hope you found this helpful, and let us know if there are any other trend edits you’d like us to cover by leaving a comment below!



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