If you’ve been to Seoul, one thing you would notice would be the crazy amount of Korean beauty stores lined up any street. Since we had a bit of time on hand, I figured why not personally try some Korean beauty products I’ve never heard of before. In this post, I review 5 highly raved-about Korean beauty products that will help you look like your favourite “Noonas”!

Nature Republic Ice Puff Sun SPF50+

Our Verdict: 3/5

Unlike your usual sunscreen, which comes in a spray, cream or gel, this sunscreen comes in an aerosol can. All you need to do is gently pump or press the top of the bottle with a makeup puff (included in box) about 4-5 times, and the puff will be filled with product.

Upon application, you’ll realise that the puff feels ice cold to the touch, which really helps to soothe irritated or sunburnt skin. The sunscreen was pretty lightweight and wasn’t sticky at all, so it felt like I barely had anything on. It also didn’t leave any white tint when I applied it to my face which was a good thing, but because it’s so lightweight and transparent, it felt really hard to gauge how much product I was using, and I wasn’t sure if I needed to apply more. Apparently, SNSD’s Taeyeon highly recommends it, and I suppose it’d be helpful as a beach companion or for especially sunny days but not necessarily as an everyday product in your makeup kit.

Banila Co It Radiant CC Tone Up Cream

Our verdict: 5/5 

CC cream, also known as “Colour Correcting Cream”, is supposed to combat dullness and redness of the skin. There are properties in CC creams to ensure sun protection and greater coverage, so when I saw this lilac-hued cream at Banila Co, I thought it would be a great all-in-one product that’d also balance the yellow undertones of my Asian skin tone.

The It Radiant CC Tone Up Cream is meant to be a tone corrector for a radiant complexion, but I find that it also works well as a primer. All it took was about a 20-cent-sized dollop of cream to spread evenly over my skin. It left my skin firmer and brighter while also bringing out a natural and healthy glow, so I’d highly recommend this!

Mamonde Pang Pang Hair Shadow in Shade 01

Our verdict: 4.5/5


I have a very high forehead which means my hairline recedes quite a bit, and I’ve gotten comments from people who asked if I was “balding” (gasp!) because I pulled my hair back into a ponytail/ bun.

Mamonde’s Pang Pang Hair Shadow comes with a little puff, you can use to cover spots on your head where hair may be lacking to give the illusion of thicker, full hair. It did just the trick and filled up the bald spots, without the need for any touch-ups throughout the day. Mamonde’s hair shadow comes in various shades to suit different hair colours, but I went with a darker brown as it’s closest to our Asian hair colour. Definitely, a quick and easy-to-use product to try out for anyone with thin hair!

Banila Co Hi Bye Vita-Peel Clear Pad

Our Verdict: 3/5 

This product is great for people who want to save a little more time on their skincare routine. Instead of removing your makeup and toning your face separately, this Vita-Peel Clear Pad does both at one go.

The cotton pad has dual functions; the side with gentle ridges is meant as an exfoliation pad to remove makeup residue and dead skin cells while the smooth side allows you to apply the toner. The cotton pads are generously soaked with vitamins that have been infused with gold kiwi extract, which is supposed to leave you with firmer and smoother skin. While I didn’t see an immediate difference after the first use, my skin felt much fresher, cleaner and more hydrated.

Too Cool For School Art Class Pencil Eraser

Our Verdict: 5/5

This pencil eraser is AMAZING!!! It lets you easily remove or touch up any makeup mishaps with a few swipes. It works as a pencil with two refillable ends — the wax tip “eraser” and the sponge. The eraser end contains apricot stone oil and rosehip oil, which moisturises the skin as it removes makeup, great for people with sensitive skin!

Switch over to the sponge tip to rub off any remaining residue from the eraser. The precision of this is really incredible, and can help you achieve that perfect wing tip liner look if you struggle with eyeliner!

I had so much fun trying out all these new products so, let me know if there are other must-have Korean beauty products I’ve missed! Leave a comment below and I’ll try to get these products the next time I’m in Korea! I’d also love to hear about any of your favourite cosmetics or tools you can’t live without!



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