Photography: Amos Abel Yong | Videography: Sherman See Tho
Styling: Martin Wong | Makeup: Kenneth Lee | Hair: Vin Phua

Behind-The-Scenes: Flushed For Fall

On this DC Edit, we push the boundaries of what we normally perceive to be “fall fashion”. Fall colours are usually rather rusty-toned and feature loads of brown and khaki tones. So this time around we are not only experimenting with colour but also with styles!

Comic motifs and art prints are very on-trend this season — and they’re styles that I’ve never tried before. To find some balance, we mixed these fun bold prints with very classic silhouettes and styles from Manolo Blahnik and Anya Hindmarch.

I also wanted to mix graphic cartoon motifs and illustrations with uptown Carrie-Bradshaw-style pieces like Manolo Blahnik’s brooch embellished heels to show people you don’t have to fall within a certain style archetype to pull off these looks. You can always try different styles and match them with classic pieces, or whatever suits your personal style!

It was so much fun trying new styles and seeing myself in a new light. I’ve never tried veered towards very bold looks before but I believe that we should always approach fashion a little less seriously and not be afraid to step out of our comfort zones. After all, I feel that’s what DC Edit is all about — experimenting and finding new sources of inspiration!

This shoot has definitely taught me how to mix and match contrasting styles and silhouettes at the same time to achieve a whole new style, like when we mixed a Moschino printed tee with their blazer co-ord set. Styling my outfits in this way was really new to me and I’ve learnt so much from our stylist Martin while on set!

This shoot has really inspired me to keep experimenting with prints because I never really ventured outside of the usual monochromatic polka dots or stripes before this. But I’m excited to see how we can work with even more prints and textures like animal prints, PU leather and velvet! These are fall styles that we normally see in colder climates, but I’m interested to see how we make it work for our warmer Singaporean climate!






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