Getting prepped for the shoot with our Makeup Artist, Agnes

Can always trust Joel to bring out the glam in any look!

I may look too serious throughout the spread, but it’s always laughs and giggles on set.

[blockquote author=”” pull=”normal”]Photography: Joel Lim, Calibre Pictures & Ideas
Styling: Martin Wong
Make-Up: Agnes Ng
Hair: Sean Ang[/blockquote]

The second of our DC Edit series sees us working with the house of Cartier. (Check out the previous post for the full spread, or head on to our “DC Edit” section at the top of the website!) As Cartier‘s ‘Diamonds Girl’, I wanted to give Cartier a younger and fresher perspective, whilst still retaining the glamour and elegance of the Maison.

To me, Cartier is more than just fine jewellery, its wearers are unique individuals who are self-assured, industry-movers who have control over their lives, and leaders who lead with grace and poise.

Hence the “Girl Boss” theme: I see the women and females in our generation as embodying these traits, and they carve a name for themselves on their own terms. I’m always encouraged and in awe of the women I look up to, so it was my intention to channel this sense of power and sophistication via 4 strong personalities in our Modern Metamorphosis spread.

Speaking of metamorphosis, Cartier has the amazing ability to evolve and adapt whilst retaining their rich heritage. Their signature regality and luxuriousness hasn’t been lost and has instead transformed into something new yet familiar.

We see a lot of this transformative power in the modern girl boss as well. Cartier to me embodies a sense of duality, where you’re free to challenge traditional ideas of what women in power look like. It just gives you room to be your best self, be it bold, composed, quirky, or classic.



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