Spruce Up Your Office Desk

The DC team has just moved into our new office, and since all of us are in the midst of setting up our own office desks, we thought it would be apt for us to share some practical ways to personalise your little home away from home!

With that in mind, here’s our simple guide to sprucing up your office desks to make it more stylish, comfortable and personal!


For Comfort

1. Jazz up your office chair with a cushion

Feeling comfortable at your desk is really important, especially if you’re going to spend most of your day there. That’s why we believe primping up your office chair with a cushion makes a world of difference.

For added comfort, we recommend cushions that provide extra back support, and worry not, they’re readily available at super affordable prices on websites such as Qoo10 and Lazada! Not only will these cushions take the strain off your back, they can also beautify your chair, giving it a more homely feel.

2. Invest in a footrest

If your office chair is too high up and your feet are unable to touch the ground, you should consider investing in a footrest! When our feet don’t touch the floor, we tend to slouch forward, leading to bad posture, which has been linked to numerous health hazards such as constant fatigue and even high blood pressure. I know a footrest may not be the most elegant sounding addition to the office, but it’s definitely a good investment in comfort!

3. Burn your favourite scents

Since smell is our strongest sense, it’s most able to influence our brain activity, so breathing in the plain office air for prolonged periods of time may not be the best for our productivity. For a midday pick me up, try burning essential oils or scented candles to make your space smell more pleasant! We recommend using scents that include citrus or peppermint to awaken your senses and refresh your minds at work.

4. Stash some snacks in a mason jar

Snacking has a bad rep, but it can actually help you stay fuelled and focused throughout the day. Whether you’re stressed out over an impending deadline or simply have no time to grab breakfast in the morning, having snacks like granola bars or nuts can perk you up, giving you the energy to get through the day! To make things more aesthetically pleasing, you can store these snacks in several mason jars to keep your personal snack stash organised.

5. Hydrate yourselves!

We all know the importance of hydrating ourselves throughout the day. But with all the other soft drinks available in our office pantries, drinking water might not even cross our mind. In order to motivate or remind yourself to stay hydrated, bring a nice mug or water bottle with you to the office.

We’re really digging The Paper Bunny’s stylish and portable rectangular water bottles! I personally like how this bottle fits nicely in a handbag, which is especially great for those of us who have meetings we want to look good for during the day as well.

For Organisation

1. Declutter your workspace

If you find yourself constantly rummaging through piles of documents every time you need to find that one piece of paper, consider decluttering your workspace! Clutter can distract you, and even weigh you down.

Here’s a decluttering tip for you: Digitise all paper documents if possible. We are often too afraid to throw away any documents for fear of needing them some day. Digitising documents can thus relieve any unnecessary stress you face when decluttering your workspace. Afterall, a clear space makes for a clear mind!

2. Add some storage folders


Once you’ve decluttered your workspace, the next step is to maintain its order. If you don’t already own storage folders, it’s time to get some. We prefer to categorise our documents by topic and date, but do whatever suits you best!

To better organise your desk, you could also invest in a label printer to label all your different folders and storage boxes. For more labelling hacks, you could head to Daphnie’s post, about Brother’s P-touch CUBE Label Maker.

3. Hang up a printable calendar

From rushing for deadlines to keeping track of appointments and meetings, it’s about time we got a little creative with our time management. There’s a myriad of free printable calendars available online and my personal favourites are the ones that have a different design for every month. If you’re looking to get one in stores, we recommend checking out shops such as Typo and kikki.K!

4. Carry a laptop case with organisational compartments

Instead of lugging your laptop and handbag to meetings and after-work plans with your friends, invest in a laptop bag that can double up as a stylish carryall. We recommend The Paper Bunny’s You Go Girl Cosmic Laptop Sleeve. Blending functionality and design, this well-padded laptop bag has multiple storage compartments, allowing you to store any miscellaneous documents, or items you may need on the go.

For Decoration

1. Add some greenery

Since we are often cooped indoors and are unable to appreciate the fresh air that comes with the budding greenery outside, we decided to let nature come to us. Cactuses are great office plants as they are low-maintenance and can thrive even if you have a black thumb.

To get a fresh and clean aesthetic going, try storing your cactuses in white porcelain jars, and pair them with white stationery! This pop of green will give your workspace a minimalistic and classy look while breathing new life to your office desk.

2. Include some aesthetically pleasing stationery

I remember being a huge fan of stationery when I was younger and would often spend my savings on colourful pens and markers to brighten up school life. Just because we’re no longer in school, it doesn’t mean we have to stick to plain old ballpoint pens and post-it notes. Shops like kikki.K and Typo are great places to get some fun and fancy stationery that’ll liven and up your desk and documents. Now you can get excited to take notes again!

3. Hang up a visualisation board

If your space takes the style of a cubicle, or if your desk faces a wall, try adding a cork board to it. Cork boards are really useful especially when it comes to remembering or visualising things. You could even attach photos of things or people you love as well as inspirational quotes. Not only can positive visualisation help to increase our levels of happiness, it can also boost our cognitive function and creativity!

Alternatively, if you’re not a fan of such boards, you could also opt for white grid panels from Daiso for a more minimalistic approach!


We will be giving away the 2 transparent water bottles as well as the laptop bag by The Paper Bunny to one lucky winner! If you are interested in winning these items, all you have to do is follow @thedcedit on Instagram and we will pick someone to walk away with these adorable items!

I hope that you have been inspired to snazz up your workspace. Who knows, you may not even want to leave the desk after this!


Hustle on,



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