I personally am not blessed with a very good complexion (I suffer from large pores and occasional cystic acne). Because of that, I’m constantly experimenting with skincare products, from face masks to facial exfoliators, to attempt to save my skin! To put my years of research to good use, I’ve decided to share my honest review of the products that worked best for me and the products that didn’t!

Oil-free acne wash pink grapefruit facial cleanser by Neutrogena


I chanced upon this gem of a cleanser when I was on a holiday to Australia and wanted to spend all of my remaining Australian money on the last day of my trip. Turns out, this accidental purchase became my favourite facial cleanser of all time!

This product is uniquely formulated in a way whereby it contains salicylic acid, which played a huge role in keeping my breakouts at bay, yet it didn’t strip any of the natural oils off my face, which left my skin feeling clean and rejuvenated.

The subtle yet refreshing grapefruit scent was definitely a huge plus point too, which added to the overall appeal of this product. The only downside is that they don’t sell this product in Singapore stores, so you’ll have to head over to Qoo10 to find some. Overall, I rate it an 8/10!

Liquid gold by Alpha-H


I purchased this product a few years back when my skin was suffering from quite a lot of pigmentation left by my hormonal acne. This product claims to be a cult favourite when it comes to fading acne scars and even doubles up as a toner and moisturiser, which really convinced me to give this ‘liquid gold’ a go.

Upon my first application, I noticed a slight stinging sensation on my skin, but it was nothing to be too alarmed about. After using this product religiously for 2 months, I was rather disappointed as I did not see any difference in my acne pigmentation or skin texture. I even bought a second bottle to give it another chance as it had so many positive reviews! Sad to say, this product didn’t perform its magic on me and worked just like any ordinary toner would. Due to that, I rate it a 5/10.

Renewed hope in a jar moisturiser by Philosophy


As I have rather oily skin, I tend to opt for more lightweight and non-greasy products to moisturise my face. This moisturiser absorbs into my skin really quickly without leaving a shine on my face–perfect for application in the morning before my makeup routine!

I also love how this moisturiser leaves my skin feeling smooth and supple from within. There are not many downsides to this product except for the fact that it is a little pricey, but it’s worth every penny. With that, I rate it a 9/10!

Vitamin nectar vibrancy boosting face mask by Fresh


I bought this face mask when Sephora was having a 20% sale in hopes that it would help give my skin a more radiant and youthful glow. First and foremost, I would say that applying this mask made me feel like I was applying marmalade all over my face due to the texture of the citrus bits as well as the fresh citrus smell that came with it.

After my first use, I noticed a slight difference in my skin which seemed to be a little brighter and softer. However, given the exorbitant price of this product (S$95.00 for 100ml), this product isn’t the most value-for-money purchase, especially if you’re a broke student like me. Taking its price and effectiveness into consideration, I rate this product a 6.5/10.

Pure Clay Mask Detoxify by Loreal Paris


My pores tend to get clogged and enlarged really easily, so I love experimenting with detox face masks! My favourite thing about this product is that I can actually see the excess sebum and gunk seep out of my pores and get soaked onto the face mask which is when I know that the mask is actually doing something.

This mask also doesn’t dry out my skin excessively and is great to use 2-3 times a week or whenever you feel like giving your skin a detox. I also tried out their anti-pore and illuminating clay masks but ultimately I feel that the detoxify one worked best for my oily skin. If you are one for instant gratification, this mask would be perfect for you and I rate it a 9/10!

Microdelivery dual phase set by Philosophy


I know at this point in time I sound like a penniless student complaining that every product is too expensive but here’s a tip–if you want to test out a product, but aren’t ready to splurge on it, get a travel-sized version of it instead, which is what I did with Philosophy’s Microdelivery dual phase set.

This exfoliating set comes with 2 products–Vitamin C/Peptide crystals and a Lactic/Salicylic activating gel. After pouring equal amounts on and mixing them up on my skin, I felt a warm sensation on my face, which to me, was a sign that the product was taking effect.

The duo set truly made my face feel baby soft but I personally wouldn’t recommend this to people with sensitive skin and as it could be a little too harsh. Overall, this is a great product, it’s just not too affordable for students like me. I rate it a 7/10!


If you were ever on the fence on purchasing any of these products, or simply want to experiment with different skincare brands, I hope that reading this article would have helped you make a more informed decision! I recently bought a whole bunch of new skincare products from Luxasia’s Mega Beauty Bazaar and I can’t wait to test them out and give you my review soon!

With love,




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