Hair SPF Products

Did you know that your hair and scalp require SPF too?

Yes, I’m back to nag everyone about SPF yet again. The top of your head is the closest to the sun, yet it is an often-overlooked area of your body when it comes to sun protection! Well, overlooked until you get sunburnt and your scalp ends up bright red and blistered.

Strictly speaking, our hair is not living. It is a collection of dead cells that accumulate and ‘grow’ over time. So why do we need to protect it? Well, hair is composed of Keratin proteins and, if you still remember your secondary school education, excess heat can denature those proteins and change its chemical structure. In other words, too much sunlight and heat can damage hair and lighten it, dry it out and make it more brittle.

So, if you want to protect your head and get the best hair of your life, here’s my list of UV protective products to try right now.

Bumble and Bumble Bb. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat/UV Protective Primer


A light spray oil primer for all hair types, this multitasking primer protects your hair from heat and UV rays while making it softer and shinier! The spray goes on clear and smells vaguely of coconut, so you can protect yourself and smell great doing it. Pro Tip: This primer contains oils to condition your hair, so those with fine hair should mist it on damp hair to avoid getting greasy and weighed down hair!

GHD Heat Protect Spray with UV Protection


Use this spray to get the ultimate protection from the sun or even from your heated styling tools! Formulated for all hair types, the clear and lightweight spray contains Benzophenone-4 to filter and block UV rays from even reaching your hair. The spray also contains the signature GHD heat protection system and additional conditioning agents, so you know your hair will be super soft and protected!

Sachajuan Hair in the Sun


This sun cream contains a co-polymer to absorb any UV rays and doubles as a great frizz-buster! It provides a light hold, so it can also act as a great finishing cream for your hair. This product even stays on when you sweat or swim, and only comes off after shampooing! Pro Tip: Since this is a sun cream, this product will be more suited for thicker, heavier hair.

Aveda Sun Care Protective Hair Veil


A water-resistant UV defence mist that protects your hair for up to 16 hours, this lightweight mist also contains an antioxidant blend to fight free radical damage! Derived mostly from natural ingredients, Aveda’s product helps to minimise dryness and damage while also bringing a refreshing citrus scent to your locks.

Philip Kingsley Sun Shield


This cult-favourite product was developed especially for swimmers, so not only does this nourishing mist protect from UV damage, it also protects your hair from chlorine in pools and salt water! The Sun Shield is super-lightweight, prevents frizz and protects coloured hair from fading as well.


If all else fails, a sunhat will cover for you, literally. A fashionable alternative to toting a heavy umbrella around, there are now even hats that specifically offer UV protection! Look for hats that have a UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) rating to maximise your protection and look super chic doing it. Just remember that you should apply your sunscreen anyway, just in case!


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