Androgynous Fashion Trend

I’ve always had a love for androgynous fashion styles, tending more towards what most would traditionally consider “masculine” styles. And with many embracing gender fluidity, androgynous fashion has been getting the mainstream attention it so desperately deserves from both men and womenswear lines!

To get to know this evolving style, and how you can work it into your everyday wardrobe, keep reading for some of my tips, tricks and andro picks!

Rugged Fabrics And Shapes

While many see androgynous fashion as “girls wearing menswear” it’s actually about the meeting of both femininity and masculinity. The denim boiler suit has been having a moment and is cementing itself as a street style staple for men and women alike.

Denim Co-Ord Set: H&M Studio A/W 2018 Collection

An alternative with more mileage and versatility would be a denim co-ord set that can be worn together or separately. Here, I wore a white denim co-ord set together for a more masculine vibe. You could tuck your denim top into your jeans and cinch it at the waist with a belt to achieve a more fitted and feminine silhouette. If you’re going for a looser or more boxy shape, you can go with a simple french tuck like I did–it’s also easier to move around in as the day goes on!

I balanced this with a pair of red heels, but you could just as easily pair this with a sock boot or a pair of sneakers, depending on how feminine or masculine you want to go with this look.

Slouchy Styles

Never underestimate a good slouch. When done well, this can make an outfit look appropriately aloof and effortlessly cool. A slouchy outfit that never goes out of style, regardless of gender, is the simple t-shirt and tailored pants combo.

T-shirt and Pant: H&M Studio A/W 2018 Collection

I’ve elevated this everyday outfit combo with a pair of structured wide leg pants that have a satin-like shine. The structured waist and finish of this pant balance out the slouchiness of the t-shirt and pants’ wide hem, making it daytime casual and evening appropriate!

Minimalist details also go great with androgynous styles, injecting glamour where needed, without interrupting the style’s effortless quality. For this look, I went with a pair of white strappy heels and silver earrings but you could change things up with sneakers and a pair of hoop earrings for a more street-inspired outfit.

Texture and Structure

This last tip is something you can apply to any outfit for an extra element of intrigue but is also perfect for emphasising femininity and masculinity in an androgynously-styled outfit. Think flowy chiffons with strong-shouldered blazers, or soft satins with distressed denim.

Knit Top: H&M Studio A/W 2018 Collection | Checkered Pants: H&M Studio S/S 2018 Collection

For this retro-inspired look, we mixed a knit mesh polo with a smart woollen suit pant. The contrasting finishes of both pieces break up the silhouette, while the mesh quality of the knit polo keeps this otherwise menswear-inspired outfit fun and feminine with that understated peek-a-boo quality.

Taking textures into consideration when putting an outfit can drastically change your looks, giving you new outfit options you never knew you could get from your wardrobe!

It’s great that the fashion scape is way more experimental these days, opening itself up to gender fluid styles that can be worn by anyone. So no matter how masculine or feminine you want to take these looks, the thing to remember is to dress to best suit your individual style!

If there are more trends or fashion tips that you guys would like to hear about, leave us a comment below!





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