If you follow the modest fashion scene in Singapore, Dalillah Ismail would be no stranger to you. Zalora’s Female Style Star of the Year has a growing follower base of 37k on Instagram and a fashion/lifestyle blog as well!

Along with her picture-perfect Instagram feed, Dalillah has a vivacious personality which we got a glimpse of when she popped by our office earlier last week for a short interview! So keep reading to learn more about this rising fashion star, and her personal styling tips.

On her new co-working space

“When you work from home, you tend to be lazy–you work in your pyjamas and only take a bath at 3 pm, you know? So I thought it wasn’t a good working environment for myself. I wanted a co-working space (Camelia & Co.) for people to work and also meet other people. They can be from varying businesses, but when they come together and interact, ideas can spark. Sharing is very important, never be stingy. If you have something good, share it, so that everyone can grow together.”

On her favourite fashion trends


“I love colour blocking or going for an all-white look. To me, you either go big or you go home. I love doing print on print looks as well, like pairing a polka dotted top with a gingham skirt, or floral on floral!”

Her earring obsession

“I love to accessorise my outfit with earrings. When I travel, I make sure I carry at least 7-8 pairs, depending on my outfit. I carry so many of them that my husband gets so pissed sometimes but he understands why I bring them. If I’m going to the city area, I’ll opt for gold earrings and if I go to resort places, I’ll wear my tassel ones–I NEVER travel light.”

Thoughts on modest fashion in Singapore

“I think it’s really a growing area in fashion right now. I see so many brands opening up to modest fashion which is really amazing and because of that, this has also opened up so many more opportunities to my other Malay Muslim influencer friends as well (@automatiqhigh, @n.syz and @phsha to name a few). It’s truly about time, we need the opportunity to shine.”

Must-have items in Dalillah’s bag

A wardrobe item Dalillah can’t live without

“A really good pair of sneakers! Ever since I started my co-working space I’ve been running about so much and a good pair of sneakers will help me do just that. I don’t understand when people say ‘give me a pair of heels and I can conquer the world’. To me, that’s bedek (very action) la.”

On her favourite fashion brands

“When I’m shopping on Zalora, Mango would be my go-to brand. I also recently have a new-found love for this brand called Glamorous. The denim fabrics feel so nice and the pieces fit me so well! I always have trouble finding pants that fit me because they either only fit my hips, or they only fit my waist. As for shoes, I’m really surprised by Zalora’s brand, they’re so comfortable and they’re affordable as well!”

On her fashion choices

“When choosing fashion brands to shop from, I don’t like to choose ones only meant for people who wear the tudong like myself. I like to transform non-hijab friendly outfits and make them hijab friendly so that I can give a new perspective to my audiences. This has been my main aim ever since I started my profile on Instagram.”

Styling tips for modest resort wear

“Colours! It’s all about playing with colours and textures. When it comes to resort wear, just go crazy. However, if you are going for a more elegant look, you can go for a head-to-toe white linen look. Resorts are all about being and feeling comfortable, just wear a simple tudong and let the rest of your outfit stand out.”


It is truly heartening to see modest fashion find its place in Singapore’s fashion scene and I hope that this article has provided you with some inspiration when it comes to styling your clothes! We would also like to thank Dalillah for gracing our office with her refreshing personality and passion for all things fashion!

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Stephanie Low

Stephanie Low

Content & Community Manager at The DC Edit


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