Going Through My Memory Box

The other day, I decided to get a little personal with you guys by going through my memory box and recounting some of the happiest memories I’ve shared with my loved ones.

Looking back at all the notes and letters from my family and friends made me realise that the experiences I’ve shared with them have helped me become the person I am. So today, I thought I’d share how these simple experiences can be some of the most important because after all, happiness is only real when it’s shared!

Support From My Dad

My dad is and has always been my greatest supporter. From my school days to the different phases of my career, he has never failed to encourage me: Be it through acts of service, spending quality time with me, or simply writing me encouragement letters.

One of these letters I hold dear to me is one from 2011 where my Dad typed out on an entire word document for me. My Dad was about to go overseas for work so he wanted to write me a ‘farewell’ letter that would also serve as a “life” guide for me while he was away. He titled this letter ‘WHAT IS LIFE?’ (yes it was entirely in caps).

The letter was a mix of personal advice from my dad, and a list of 30 ways one should live their life. The points that really resonated with me were, “no one is in charge of your happiness except you” and “try to make at least three people smile each day.”


Sharing Milestones With My Boyfriend

Another note I hold dear is a handwritten letter given to me by Imran when we celebrated our 10th year anniversary last November. I’m a sucker for handwritten letters, and every since we crossed our 5-year mark he hasn’t written much (ahem!), so this letter is extremely special and is framed very proudly (for me) in the office. 

Our celebrations are far from extravagant. They usually involve us having a nice meal at our favourite restaurant (see: Ristorante da Valentino), and some chill-out time at home.  We define happiness by going through significant milestones together, (from my 18th birthday, Imran’s graduation and all the way to our 10 year anniversary together), and not by material needs!

Happy Moments With My Friends

Uncovered from my memory box were also personal messages and handmade cards that my friends had done up for me over the years. One of which was a small scrapbook from my friend from Junior College, Shayne. My friendships mean a lot to me and going through all these small scrapbooks that they’ve given me over the years really brought me back to my school days, and to more innocent, carefree days. I believe that we’re all the sum of our experiences, and I think sharing these very moments with our friends, family and loved ones are what ultimately helps us become the best versions of ourselves.

Looking back, I see how these warm and happy memories I have are really reflective of Lancome’s latest fragrance — La Vie Est Belle Flowers Of Happiness, which means “life is beautiful”. My life has been made beautiful by the people who have brought happiness and love to my life, and I can’t help but feel so fortunate to be able to share my happiest moments with them. If you want to hear the full story, check out the video below!





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