Last Friday, the DC Team and I headed down to Singapore’s latest culinary event, The GREAT Food Festival. After sampling a plethora of gastronomical delights, from uniquely curated sweets to savoury cuisines, we round up our top dishes and spots that you definitely shouldn’t miss at the event!


This zone was as much of a sweet treat to our taste buds as it was to our eyes. With four unique thematic zones — Secret Garden, Sweet Ocean, Spinning Galaxy (my personal favourite) and Rainbow City, this is definitely the place you should go to get your perfect Instagram shot!

Mermaid Ocean Fantasy

Not to sound like a basic millennial but we were really excited to try Magnum’s Mermaid Flavoured Ice Cream which was exclusive to this festival only! Each ice cream was specially crafted right in front of us, decorated with a glittery mermaid tail and edible silver pearls and I must say, Magnum really has its aesthetics game on with this ice cream.

I don’t want to reveal too much about this mysterious mermaid flavour, but if you have a sweet tooth and love all things milky, this is definitely something you should try! Pro-tip: don’t miss out on the Instagramable beach houses and floats that are located right next to this booth!

N2 Extreme Gelato

If you’ve never seen a picture of the iconic N2 gelato on your Instagram feed, where have you been?! N2 Extreme Gelato is a Sydney-based dessert store best known for its ingenious use of liquid nitrogen to create gelato!

We opted for the G&T (Gin and Tonic) Sorbet and I’d have to say that before I even tried the sorbet, I was already sold when I saw the puffs of liquid nitrogen smoke erupting profusely out of the machine. The sorbet didn’t disappoint either, tasting just like a freshly made glass of G&T. So to all alcohol lovers or sorbet, this is definitely something that you should try!


This arena will be the centre-stage where you can sample quality dishes prepared by award-winning chefs. There were over 40 signature dishes for us to choose from, leaving us so spoilt for choice!

Capellini Pasta by Osia Steak and Seafood Grill

We chose the capellini pasta with bacon parmesan cream and a generous amount of mentaiko because I mean, who can resist mentaiko?! The dish had the perfect cream-to-pasta ratio and Kat and I even finished the entire plate which really speaks volumes given the crazy amount of food we tried that day. Even writing this is making me crave for the pasta again — that’s how good it was so I highly recommend trying it out!

Tonno Tataki by Fratelli Trattoria

Kat and I love Japanese food so naturally, we ordered the Tonno Tataki, which is a lightly seared red tuna with Bagna Càuda (an Italian dipping sauce). The tuna was seared at a perfectly which truly made the tenderness of the red tuna stand out. The sprinkling of pistachio crumble also added a light nutty crunch to this bite-sized creation. If you are one for fancy gastronomical cuisines, then this dish will definitely be worth the try!


We were also fortunate enough to sit in Matt Adlard’s (affectionately known as Topless Baker) masterclass, where he gave everyone a step by step guide on how to bake the perfect lemon buttercream cake! Aside from his obvious good looks and lack of clothing, he also had a great sense of humour which made the masterclass so fun and engaging.

We hope that this article has you hyped up for The GREAT Food Festival happening over this weekend! For a more detailed description of what you can expect, you can head on to our previous article over here, or The GREAT Food Festival’s main website. This is definitely the perfect weekend activity suitable for all ages so let loose eat to your heart’s content!


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Stephanie Low

Stephanie Low

Content & Community Manager at The DC Edit


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