Perfumes are more than just scents–a spritz of the right fragrance can give you a major confidence boost, or that bright burst of energy to take on the day! So take a deep breath with us as we walk you through these 9 fragrances for every mood!

Feeling Confident And Powerful

Kenzo World by Kenzo


One look at this eye-conic bottle and you’ll know that this fragrance isn’t going to be a subtle one. Its dynamic combination of Peony, Jasmine and Ambroxan Crystals results in a warm and multifaceted fragrance that’s sultry yet sweet. Kenzo World is bold and fearless, revealing the essence of a strong and independent woman who’s ready to take on the world (or her next dinner date) with a single spritz.

Wonderlust by Michael Kors



With a delectable blend of luxurious blossoms and sparkling grapefruit, Wonderlust calls to mind freedom and adventure. Drawing its sweetness from notes of almonds, there’s a creaminess to this light and citrusy scent. It’s youthful, refreshing, yet undeniably glamorous–perfect for the girl who knows what she wants, and how to get it.

Changing Constance by Penhaligon


The Penhaligon’s portrait collection is long-running fragrance series with characters and storylines attached to each unique fragrance.  The latest addition to this collection is Changing Constance–a firebrand female, and a fierce supporter of women’s rights. She’s a bold character (much like this fragrance) that believes that women can work and wear the trousers in a relationship. The sweet and spicy fragrance opens with notes of pimento and cardamom before revealing a bouquet of sweet caramels and woody florals–the perfect scent to wear to your next meeting.

In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Dior Joy by Dior


Opening with hints of floral and citrus notes such as zested Bergamot and Mandarin, Joy is instantly recognisable as a modern fragrance that is light-hearted, sure to bring a smile to your face. The heart of the fragrance syncs joyously with its opening, bringing the serenity of sandalwood and white musk to this heartwarming concoction. “Creating a perfume is a question of emotion,” says Francois Demarchy, the perfumer behind this fragrance–and we wholeheartedly agree. If we were to give happiness a scent, this would be it.

CH L’eau by Carolina Herrera


A fresh and joyous addition to Carolina Herrera’s fragrances, the L’eau fragrance is summer in a bottle. Explosive with a delightful blend of Red Tea and Blood Orange, a single spritz will take you on joyous vacation by the beach with calm crystal waters gently caressing the sand. Grab a Pina Colada and let’s roll!

Feeling Energised and Refreshed

Infusion de Mandarine by Prada


From the name of this fragrance to its appearance and right down to its scent, Infusion Mandarine evokes the explosive sensation of a freshly harvested mandarine. The orange peel in the opening glistens with sweetness which is the perfect way to introduce the heart of the fragrance–Neroli oil. It’s the powerhouse essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree that is known to be a great mood lifter! A whiff of this fragrance provides a wave of energy, which is a great way to start the day.

Never Spring by Björk & Berries


Björk & Berries is a Swedish botanical skincare and perfume house dedicated to capturing the beauty and benefits of Swedish nature in its purest form. On that note, Never Spring reveals an energetic scent of blackcurrant and lemon, reminiscent of the short spring season that the Swedish treasure dearly. The fragrance awakens our senses, providing that fresh and comforting feeling of the warm spring sun caressing your skin on a crisp cold day.

Fun and Free

DKNY Stories


Heavily dominated by the scent of vanilla bean and creamy woods, this fragrance is the olfactory equivalent of being in the bustling streets of New York (concrete jungles where dreams are made of). This long-lasting Eau De Parfum is a fragrance of endless discovery that’s both elegant, yet playful, all the way to its dry down.

Blazing Mister Sam by Penhaligon


Another fragrance from the Penhaligon’s Portrait collection is Blazing Mister Sam–an American abroad who spends freely lives fast and talks loud. Reassuring, sexy and deep, only the most lavish spiced notes like cumin and cardamom will do his captivating conversation justice. This heady concoction is sold as a men’s scent, but as with other personalities in this portraits series, is a sensual unisex scent that is unexpectedly fun and flirty.

To scent a feeling or an object that has no odour is a psychic craft. We hope that these fragrances have the ability to capture your very own interpretation of such emotions or put you in the right mood to take on the day!

Scenting love,



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