Alexander Wang & Uniqlo Collection Fall 2018

Alexander Wang has teamed up with Uniqlo this fall to bring you the collection of the season. The highly anticipated collection boasts a wide range of wardrobe staples such as bodysuits, tees, leggings, bras, and briefs for both men and women!

Form Meets Function

This collection drops in fall and the pieces will be made with Uniqlo’s signature Heattech fabric, making it a must-have for travellers this holiday season. Each of these pieces is also set to come in a number of neutral shades, and in this season’s favourite high-impact hue–neon green.

In an interview with Vogue, Wang revealed that he–and many major fashion designers–are fans of Uniqlo’s simple yet high-quality products. “Heattech is a program created out of innovation, function, and utility. It’s something that I’ve always been very inspired by, by the advancement and innovation in fabrication. I wanted to think about it in a way where even if it wasn’t just worn on the inside—if you wore it as a top as something to lounge around in—you feel like there’s a style, an aesthetic that could stand on its own.”

This marks the second collection Alexander Wang and Uniqlo will have worked on together, and fans of both the designer and the internationally-loved Japanese brand have already started expressing their excitement online.

So if you’re waiting with bated breath like we are, stay tuned! And of course, don’t forget to follow Uniqlo Singapore and Alexander Wang as well for the latest news on this collection.





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