Origins Mega-Mushroom Treatment

At the DC office, we’re always trying out new things. From the latest fashion trends to the most innovative beauty finds on the market, there’s always something waiting to be discovered.

But sometimes our hot new favourites turn out to be much-loved classics from skincare brands we trust and love, which was largely the case with the Origins Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion!

To find out why we (and millions of other origins fans) are raving about this sensitive skin saviour, keep reading!

Superfood for the skin


Formulated with Dr Weil’s signature blend of soothing mushrooms, the Origins Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion (MMTL) not only boosts skin hydration by up to 71%, but it also helps calm skin sensitivity and irritation, and boosts skin resilience over time–helping skin recover more quickly from damage or irritation in the long run! The major mushroom ingredients in this light lotion are Reishi (commonly known as Lingzhi Mushroom), Cordyceps and Fermented Chaga.


Reishi is rich in Beta-glucans, which help calm dry, itchy skin. Beta-glucans also have the ability to balance the immune system and penetrate deeply through skin layers, which brings healing results in places other ingredients may not be able to reach!

The mushroom also possesses anti-inflammatory properties and can reduce swelling, redness in the skin, flakiness and decrease the chances of allergic reactions in people with sensitive skin while protecting the skin against daily damage.

Fermented Chaga

Chaga, also known as the Birch mushroom, is known to be high in antioxidant enzymes such as superoxide dismutase–the thing that keeps your skin nourished and moisturized through the day! It improves skin’s elasticity and radiance, thus reducing the signs of ageing. Chaga is also high in zinc, which works to reduce inflammation, regulate immunity and stimulate the production of new cells, giving you a youthful, radiant glow.

Pro tip: Zinc is also one of the most widely studied forms of acne treatment, and helps in healing and disinfecting wounds or areas where skin cells have been damaged!

Cordyceps Mushroom

Cordyceps is nothing new to us and is often found in herbal soups and remedies to–much like with skincare–combat inflammation! Many athletes also credit cordyceps for giving them major energy boosts. It increases the body’s Adenosine triphosphate (ATP) levels–which happens to be the life force of all cells. This means that using cordyceps helps boost cellular activity, including skin cell regeneration and healing, as well as collagen and elastin synthesis!

Trying Out The Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion

With so many powerhouse ingredients packed into one treatment lotion, it’s safe to say I couldn’t wait to see what this could do for my dry and heat-sensitive skin. I brought this treatment lotion to New York Fashion Week with me to keep my skin fresh and radiant on this busy trip! I used this lotion two ways, firstly as a toner, then as a wet compress mask to see how differently each application method would affect my skin.

As a toner

The mega-mushroom skin relief treatment lotion has a light and watery consistency and can be used as a toner after you’ve cleansed your skin in the morning and at night. My skin tends to be visibly parched when I wake up, and more so when I’ve been on a long haul flight! But after I applied the treatment lotion and let it sit on my skin for a few minutes, I was surprised to see my skin visibly plumper, and my dreaded laugh lines less pronounced.

I also realised how it gently soothed the areas of my skin that often required extra attention from my concealers, such as my nose and the areas surrounding my cheeks. I almost didn’t notice how much the redness in those areas had reduced until I didn’t have to go over them with concealer–just a light coat of foundation did the trick!

After using this product as a toner for over a week, I also noticed major changes in my skin condition. Firstly, my skin was less reactive to the sun’s heat and didn’t flush or show signs of irritation, even after a full day out!

Secondly, I noticed my skin had started naturally exfoliating more, giving me brighter and healthier looking skin. Though this may sound a tad gross, I could feel my dead skin moult when I gently rubbed my skin with my fingers (and nothing else).

Lastly and definitely not least, my skin feels noticeably and consistently more hydrated! Skipping just one round of moisturizing used to leave my skin looking and feeling dry, flaky and honestly, aged. But since I’ve started using the Origins MMTL, missing out on one or two moisturizing sessions hasn’t shown on my skin!

As A Wet Compress Mask

Using the Origins MMTL as part of a wet compress puts its anti-inflammatory properties in the spotlight. The soothing blend that has a slight herbal smell feels cool to the touch at first but can give rise to a slight warming sensation when left on the skin, but that’s nothing to be alarmed about!

I decided to use this DIY masking method before attending runway shows to achieve a post-facial glow on the go. I left my DIY mask on for 10 minutes and noticed that my skin felt and looked smoother and much calmer. On top of that, my patchy and dry skin areas–that tend to act up when my skin is exposed to environmental aggressors–showed no signs of redness or irritation, and hasn’t since!

If your skin’s been feeling tired, dull or distressed, I’d recommend this wet compress method at the end of a busy day–and before if you’ve got the time! Using the Mega-Mushroom Treatment Lotion as a wet compress amplifies its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, hydrating and resilience-building properties, and is a definite skincare saviour!



To add the Mega-Mushroom Relief and Resilience Treatment Lotion and other Mega-Mushroom products to your travel beauty arsenal, head over to any Origins counter in Changi Airport, or visit!


For a limited time, you’ll also be able to get your hands on a limited edition bottle of the Origins Mega-Mushroom Relief & Resilience Treatment Lotion designed by acclaimed Thai artist, Pomme Chan! The artist’s illustrative style draws inspiration from nature and day-to-day life–much life the Origins products we know and love!



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