Nude lipsticks are a staple in every beauty junkie’s vanity. Whether you’re getting glammed up or going for that no-makeup-makeup look, a nude lip is something you can count on to look elegant and effortless.

Whilst people tend to go for nude lippies that are the exact same shade as their lips, I like mine to have a touch of pink – to achieve that #MLBB (my lips but better) look, ala Meghan Markle. Straight up, finding your signature nude shade is like hitting a jackpot.

The not so great part though? When you shop the “perfect” nude shade online only to find that it doesn’t work on your lips at all. To help you with that, Stephanie and I sat down to swatch and test out some of the season’s newest nudes, so you’ll know which ones give the best texture, pigmentation and comfort!

We split our round up into two categories – matte and glossy – so you have a couple of options. Each lipstick also went through a wearability test to see how it lasts through the day. Read on to see which would be best for you!


For a signature matte, flushed lippie: Bobbi Brown Luxe Matte Lip Colour

Stephanie / ‘Alyaa

Boss Pink

The shade Boss Pink was a little too pink for me so if you’ve got a warmer undertone like Steph, this shade would be great for you!

It glided on smoothly and the application was very easy – however, if you have cracked lips as I do, you’ll want to exfoliate first. We loved how it was super pigmented, and that a single swipe sufficed!

It held up pretty okay against our lunch but a little touch-up afterwards was needed on my inner lip. The texture is definitely unique – creamy when applied, but with a slight powdery textured finish. Ultimately, it was super lightweight, pigmented and great for those who aren’t prone to cracked puckers.

P.S. It’s free of paraben, phthalate, sulfate, sulfite, gluten and it’s vegan!

For those looking for an affordable option that’s long-lasting: Etude House Dear My Blooming Lips Talk Coffee To Go, No Syrup

Stephanie / ‘Alyaa

Vienna Strawberry Latte / Whipping Cream Dolce Latte 

The shade Vienna Strawberry Latte was a great nude shade for Stephanie while Whipping Cream Dolce Latte was perfect for me! For less than S$20, this is a pretty good buy! After warming it up on the back of our hands, it glided on well and dried down to a matte finish. The pigmentation was almost on-par with Bobbi Brown’s Luxe Matte Lip, but a second swipe might be needed for some.

It only faded slightly after lunch and stayed on through a gym session – so if the sides of your mouth tend to get sweaty or oily, this would be a bargain. It also feels comfortable and in no way sucks the life and moisture out of your lips.


For a long-lasting option with extra rejuvenation: Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour

Stephanie / ‘Alyaa

Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Bahama Brown

Soft Berry / Bahama Brown

Steph tried the shade Soft Berry, while I put on Bahama Brown – these suited our skin tones best. The creamy lipstick glided on our lips seamlessly and flushed it with colour with a single swipe. Although it’s a smooth and creamy lipstick, we were pleased to find that it didn’t feel thick or heavy on our lips.

It stays on and rests nicely on the lips through the day, but after eating, you’d need a little touch-up on the inner lip since it fades slightly. As someone who has really dry lips, I loved that my lips felt very comfortable and moisturised even after removing it at the end of the day. Certainly great for those whose lips get drier through the day!

For the elephant-lover who wants natural coverage and ultra hydration: Chantecaille Lip Veil

Stephanie / ‘Alyaa

Honeypot / Baobab

The shade Honeypot was practically invisible on my lips but showed up on Steph’s. It was the same scenario when we both tried Baobab – it blended almost too perfectly into  Steph’s lips but was apparent on mine. So if your skin tone is similar to mine, go for Baobab and if you’re fairer like Steph, Honeypot is for you! Otherwise, if you want a definite nude, go for the opposite.

It glides on like a dream and is incredibly moisturising – it’s packed with organic Baobab oil! Although the first swipe is pretty sheer, you can build up the layers for a medium coverage. It transfers quite a bit, which is expected of something so hydrating, but that’s just something to take note of for those who love long wear lippies.

It’s lightweight and keeps your lips feeling soft and smooth for such a long time! Perfect for days when we want to nourish our lips while keeping them flushed and healthy. Plus, every purchase of this lipstick supports Space For Giants – a conservation team that works to preserve the safety of elephants in Africa. So you can look good while you do good!


I hope that this article has helped you in deciding which nude lipstick will be best for you this season! And a little tip from us to you: when buying your lipstick, don’t skip on swatching them on your lips –  often what we swatch on our hands might not be our exact nude. Happy shopping!

Lots of love,



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