When it comes to accessories, many of us jump on to fast-fashion options or major retailers that offer us quick buys. However, we often overlook our very own local jewellery retailers as options for gorgeous and unique styles that are just as affordable!

That’s why we’ve rounded up some of our favourite local jewellery brands that’ll have you covered. There are designs for the minimalist-lovers, on-trend fashionistas and even for the girls who love a little extra bling, so keep reading to discover the 8 local jewellery brands you need to add to your shopping cart!

Curated Creations

Curated Creations believes that a pair of earrings can subtly add a touch of flair and character. Founded just this year in 2018, the team carefully handpicks and curates each design that they have available on site.


The shop features more minimalist styles that often play with colours and textures of different materials, making sure that there’s something for everyone. We’re personally loving the simple knot detail gold hoops which are both elegant and super versatile!

The Ordinary Co.


The Ordinary Co. launched in 2014 to help those of us who just can’t resist switching up our accessories on the daily. The brand describes the Ordinary girl as simple yet sophisticated, and it reflects in their array of accessories which span from minimalist to statement pieces.

The Ordinary Co. understands that accessorising is for everyone, and it shows in their affordable range of products!



Born out of an architect’s desire to transform everyday patterns into handmade wearable art, Lovelystrokes is for any art lover or those with an eye for design. These detailed, handmade polymer clay pieces feature abstract designs and meticulously painted patterns which are sure to breathe new life into any jewellery box.

The founder of the brand, Chloe, is the also one who handmakes all of these lovingly crafted pieces. She releases her creations every now and then, but they get snapped up within minutes so be sure to keep your eyes out for any new designs!

By Invite Only


The brand is founded by a former chemical engineer, who decided to turn her hobby into a full-fledged jewellery label that ships worldwide. Trixie Khong hunts for interesting materials to work with from around the globe, all while staying at the helm of her brand’s jewellery production and quality control.

By Invite Only has both in-house handcrafted pieces, as well as manufactured curated designs to keep up with the demand. Quirky, abstract, minimalist or feminine — there’s a piece for every style.

Diving for Pearls


Classic, understated, minimalist or colourful, Diving for Pearls has got it all. The curated selection of jewellery is a culmination of combining contemporary artistry and clean aesthetics. The brand’s goal is to have its jewellery pieces accentuate the modern woman’s everyday look while celebrating the beauty of the female form.

Thrifty Thieves


Thrifty Thieves offers resort-holiday style for the contemporary and modern girl, so think clean cuts and fresh styles. The jewellery pieces are all personally sourced and curated at pocket-friendly prices, making this a great option for working adults and students alike!

Curious Creatures


This local jewellery brand is for the woman who loves pieces with a timeless elegance and style. Curious Creatures fuses the raw nature of semi-precious stones and geometric shapes to create unique jewellery pieces with modern silhouettes. We also love how the simple designs allow for the pieces to be mixed, matched and stacked to create totally different looks altogether!

Longue Vue Design


Shop for a good cause with Longue Vue Design! The brand’s owner, Alice, handmakes gorgeous clay jewellery detailed with marble finishes, gold foil and more. With earrings and necklaces that have unique textures, pastel colours and abstract designs, Longue Vue’s style is definitely for the young and fun at heart.

So before you start shopping for your next accessory haul, turn your attention towards our very own local brands for a change of style and pace! We’d also love to hear about some of your very own favourite local brands you shop from, so leave a comment and share some love.

Happy shopping,



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