Holiday Gift Guide | 8 Christmas Gifts To Help You Treasure Your Special Moments

Halloween passing means only one thing…it’s almost time for Christmas! The gifts, twinkling lights and cheery music may be a major part of the festive mood, but most importantly, it’s the chance to spend some time with our loved ones.

That’s why we’ve decided to celebrate this holiday season by finding the best gifts that’ll let you and your loved ones re-live your precious memories! So keep reading to check out our 2018 Holiday Gift Guide.

The HP Sprocket New Edition

HP Sprocket New Edition

Nothing beats the nostalgia you get from a physical photograph. Yes, we do have our phones which can efficiently show us photos and videos from the day but there’s always something special about the touch and feel of a photograph.

The Sprocket New Edition–the newest addition to the HP Sprocket family–is the perfect gift. I can use it not just to say decorate my living space or notebooks but you can also keep pictures of your loved ones in your wallet so that they’re always close by to remind you of people or things to be grateful for. It’s a great and quick way to personalise a gift in a thoughtful way, by creating a multitude of memorable meaningful gifts such as a scrapbook, album or a Christmas card (or any card in fact)!  The possibilities are endless.

The Sprocket New Edition is our top pick for printing the perfect picture because of its portable size (fits your handbag), customisation options and practicality! After sending your photos to the Sprocket New Edition via Bluetooth, you can also choose to add fun stickers or leave it au-naturel, before printing it out. 

The cool thing about the Sprocket is that your pictures are like video stills waiting to come to life! All you need to do is print out your videos. Then using the Scan Mode available on the HP Sprocket app, you can start to see the photo come to life as a video plays. 

That’s one of my favourite features about the Sprocket New Edition! With how easy it is to replay a video with the Scan Mode, I wouldn’t have to waste time scrolling through my overloaded camera roll, looking for something that could be from a year ago. Just whip out my photo and I’ll relive the memory right in front of my eyes.

We love that the Sprocket New Edition also prints just like that, so if you’re at a party with your friends, you and your friends can connect to the same printer and instantly get physical photographs to keep. 

If you decide to get it, we suggest buying it during its pre-launch from 8 to 22 November. You’ll get a free 50-sheet photo paper pack and a limited edition tote bag when you purchase a single the Sprocket New Edition then!

Plus it comes in three colours that are great for both guys and girls! You can choose either black, blush or white, but we’re loving our blush one (just saying). All of them come designed with little speckles for a nice finishing touch as well, so who wouldn’t love that? Look out for more surprises coming up from HP Sprocket when it officially launches on 23 November!

It prints within seconds but carries you through a lifetime so if you ask me, it’s a gift that’s definitely worth investing in!

Engraved Necklace

Engraved Single Coin / Engraved Heart Flower / Engraved Coin Flower

Etch in special dates, letters or inscriptions into the pendants — anything you want! We just love the idea that you can keep your memories close to you, whenever, wherever. We also love that all the silver components of Mikaela Lyons’ jewellery are made from recycled grain while the plating is a thick layer of 18K gold that’s been ethically mined–I mean, who doesn’t love ethically made jewellery?  

Personalised Mugs

Ceramic Mug / Glass Mug

It’s practical, budget-friendly and customisable! Add in a name, date or anything you want to the design and you’ll end up with a gorgeous mug, with sentimental value to boot! We personally love the idea of matching sets for an entire family, or his and hers mugs for the festive couple.

Personalised Notebook

Black Speckle Threadbound Notebook / Seafoam Threadbound Notebook

We love Mossery’s notebooks in particular because besides putting down details of your everyday life, you’ll also get an inspiration board, priority list and so much more. You can also choose to add in a name and choose the type of paper you want (ruled, dotted or plain) for that personal touch.

We love the idea of gifting our partners a little notebook to pen down special dates and activities you’ve shared in the year. You could look back and remember all the little moments you’ve had!

Scrapbooking Kit

kikki.K B5 Feature Journal: Sweet / Muji Pen Set 12 Colours / American Crafts Washi Tape Set / Papercraft Stamps / kikki.K Ultimate Paper Lover’s Book

Once you’ve got all your photographs printed out, put your memories all into one place and jot down little details about them! By giving your loved one (or yourself) a scrapbooking kit, you’re giving them the chance to unleash their creativity. The design possibilities are endless but the outcome is always the same — a sweet way to walk down memory lane.

You can choose to add even more things into your kits such as stickers, tapes or anything a craft lover would need! kikki.K’s Ultimate Paper Lover’s Book features an endless myriad of crafts and stickers that are great for scrapbooking and wrapping too, so go wild with your picks. It’ll be the best gift an artsy soul could ask for.


Photo Album: So Loved / DIY Album: White

If the person you’re gifting isn’t necessarily into arts and crafts, get them an album. Then they can still keep their special memories with them without the hassle! These kikki.K ones are absolutely gorgeous and easy to use. Use stickers and stamps, monogram it or paste a photograph to create a personalised keepsake that’ll definitely be appreciated. 

Locket Necklace

Wanderlust + Co. Zalea Locket Gold Necklace / Tiffany & Co. Round Locket

Keep a photograph of your loved ones close to your heart in a chic way this holiday! I’ve always felt that lockets are a classic way to treasure memories that are special to you. At the same time, you’re also investing in a piece of jewellery you could pass down to your children one day.

Spotify Playlist

A playlist we created for our office plant, Steve.

For the musical souls, a Spotify playlist is the hip – and most priceless – way to go. Simply curate a list of songs that are special to you and the person you’re gifting it to. You could also choose songs based on a specific memory or occasion. On the other hand, you could go the trendy way and choose a list of songs with names that end up as a message when listed. It’s priceless but worth more than anything to your loved one!



We’re so ready to ring in the season of festivities and cheer. But just remember, it’s not all about the gifts you give and get, but who you share it with. With the Sprocket New Edition, you’ll be able to create memories that’ll you’ll treasure with your loved ones for a lifetime. So here’s to many more Christmases with the ones you love and treasuring everlasting memories.

Lots of love,



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