Finally sharing pictures from this special day!

Exactly 4 Sundays ago, Imran and I celebrated our engagement with a customary Majlis Pertunangan (Engagement Ceremony) – or Tunang for short. A Tunang is a ceremony that the Malays normally host to announce the engagement of a couple, to establish that these two people are to be betrothed. It is NOT a wedding (Many kind souls have started calling Imran my husband. Not yet guys!).

A normal Tunang consists of certain ceremonial practices: like having male representatives of either side of the family converging to “discuss the terms of the marriage”, a prayer led by one of the more senior members of the family, and a celebratory meal. Fiancé and fiancée would also have to be separated throughout the Tunang. However, different families would celebrate it differently, and differently Imran and I did.

We wanted to just host a luncheon for friends and family, and whilst Tunangs are normally held at the bride-to-be’s house, my home had insufficient space to cater to our guest list – plus, maybe a little part of me wanted a fancier venue!

The troublesome thing was… planning this Tunang in less than a month. We got engaged in August, and Tunangs should ideally be held within 2-3 months from the proposal. I had to be overseas for quite a bit in September, so that left me with less than a month to prepare once I settled all my trips. I called up the most amazing trusted professionals whom I’ve come to know throughout my years of blogging – and asked if they could be a part of my Tunang, and bless their souls, these incredible vendors came through (I really have to give a huge shout-out to The Wedding Atelier, they had major weddings to plan, but still made time for our Tunang, I cannot be more appreciative). More details of our vendors at the end of the post! *PSA: This is not a sponsored post*

Finding a venue was the most challenging task. I had to find one that could accommodate 1) my request for a venue booking (on a weekend no less) with 3 weeks to spare, and 2) an external caterer. I know, you must be thinking, why not just get a restaurant? Imran’s family had an amazing caterer in mind, and restaurant venues would not allow an external food vendor. The caterer is SO important, if you’re part of a Malay family you’ll understand – if the food sucks, the Tunang/ Wedding might as well be off. I don’t know if I mean this light-heartedly or seriously.

Jokes aside, everything came together perfectly. We eventually settled for The Blue Room at The Arts House: we brought in a Rahim household-approved caterer, The Arts House provided tables, and our planner brought in their own chairs, tableware and decor!

I have to admit, and I swear our vendors will vouch for this (to those friends who do not believe me) – I am a super chill bride! I mean it guys, decisions were made really quickly, I had no qualms… but to be honest, I had NOTHING to be paranoid or get anxious about – I trusted the vendors we hired a hundred per cent. I have always admired their work, and having them on board meant I was in the safest hands.

So if I have any advice to anyone planning an engagement ceremony, make sure your in-laws approve the catering, and hire people you trust and respect!


View from The Arts House

Rick getting my hair and make-up done. 

Test shots!

Table set-up by The Wedding Atelier

Our custom macaron boxes we distributed as gifts for our guests, designed by The Wedding Atelier.

Love the coincidental matchy-matchy outfits! The joke is I’m dressed like a Ketupat.

Imran’s family, aka my future in-laws.

Dad, brother, and my brother’s girlfriend Samantha.

My brothers Chris and Jacob, and Mom.

When you see it…

Let the feasting begin!

With Imran’s bibik, whom we affectionately call Mama

Imran’s brother Iqbal and his fiancée Shafiqah

Imran’s paternal relatives

My lovely friends, thank you for your love!

We celebrated my Mom’s and Jacob’s birthdays too!

The rowdy DC Team always having a laugh

2/5 of my bridesmaids – Charlotte and Daryl

Me and my handsome Dad

Our lovely friends Part 2! (Missing Eva and Anabel)

Imran’s maternal relatives

What an amazing day!

Venue: The Arts House, Blue Room
Planning & Set-Up: The Wedding Atelier
Floral Decor & Invitations: The Floral Atelier
Caterer: Cahaya Timur
Photography: Wilson Chua (AndroidsinBoots)
Film Pictures: Stephanie Low
Make-Up and Hair: Rick Yang
Dress: Cameo Collective
Shoes: Stuart Weitzman
Bag: Furla
Nails: Fluttery Tips

**This is not a sponsored post, I am just truly appreciative of our amazing hardworking vendors who came through to make this day an amazing one. 


Thank you to everyone who was part of this very special day. xx




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