We all have that friend who’s in need of some major me-time (and in some cases, we are that friend). To show them, or yourself, some love this holiday season, give them the gift of self-care! So keep reading ‘casue we’ve rounded up 11 self-care gift ideas to help you give your loved ones the TLC their body and mind deserve.

To Treat Your Skin

Dr Jart+’s Shake & Shot – Hydro Shot Shaking Rubber Mask


For the friend who loves to dabble in DIY projects, this would be the perfect skincare product to treat her to. Apart from its uniquely formulated packaging, this Shake & Shot mask contains a booster and an ampoule which you can shake and mix together to form an actual rubber mask. We love how the product is extremely user-friendly (it comes with a cup and spatula) which makes the entire masking process hassle-free and fun to do!

This mask also contains hyaluronic acid and amino acids to strengthen and hydrate the skin’s barrier, leaving it looking dewy and fresh. So treat your friend to an instant shot of hydration after a long day of work– she will definitely thank you after.

Tarte’s Pack Your Bags 911 Undereye Rescue Pads


For the friend who is constantly in an ever-waging battle with her eye bags, send those bags packing with these powerful undereye rescue pads. These restorative pads are chocked full of eye-opening ingredients such as gelified algae and coconut oil to soothe and hydrate the delicate under-eye area while fighting any puffiness or dullness.

Place them onto the undereye area for 10-15 minutes and feel instantly awake and refreshed. It is the perfect way to bid those tired and dull eyes goodbye.

Skin Inc’s Rose Gold Optimiser Voyage Tri-Light


If you know someone who loves going for facials, this is definitely the best self-care gift to give. Equipped with 3 different coloured lights, this cutting-edge LED beauty device combines NASA-inspired LED chromotherapy with a low-frequency stimulation to produce healthier and clearer skin.

We like how the different lights allow us to address different skin concerns such as acne scars, skin inflammation and even wrinkles all in one handy device. This makes everything so much more convenient and customisable. All you need is 10 minutes and you (or your friend) will be experiencing brighter and more radiant skin in no time — it’s literally a luxurious facial in a flash.


To Treat Your Body

Aesop’s Rejuvenate Intensive Body Balm


Aromatherapy is a major part of any self-care routine which is why we recommend this intensive body balm by Aesop. Enhanced with key ingredients such as Macadamia Nut and Sandalwood oils, this sumptuous moisturising balm is particularly suited for people with parched skin, leaving it feeling baby-soft.

We love this balm’s refreshing yet comforting scent of citrus and vanilla, which also calms and soothes the senses when winding down after a long day. Not to mention, the packaging is also incredibly minimal and sophisticated, making it the perfect self-care gift for your bff to carry on the go!


Herbivore’s Botanicals Calm Ylang Ylang + Vanilla Dead Sea Soaking Salts


Treat your friend to a time of self-indulgence with these bath salts from Herbivore. The Himalayan Pink Salts (which is the base of the product) serves to detoxify, while ylang-ylang and vanilla oil help to maintain the skin’s moisture and calm the mind by providing relief from anxiety, anger and restlessness. We like how each ingredient is intentionally added to serve a different therapeutic purpose, working together to provide a complete at-home spa experience.

Ouai’s Scalp and Body Scrub


With the humid climate in Singapore, it’s hard to avoid getting an itchy or flaky scalp. Powered by the sweet and dissolvable sugar crystals, this scrub promises to unclog and condition the scalp while strengthening its natural biological defences against bad bacteria.

Together with a dose of Cannabidiol (CBD) oil and probiotics, you can say goodbye to all the unwanted build-up of pesky flakes and oil accumulated and welcome back a clean and healthy scalp. This multi-tasking scrub can also be used on the body to not only gently exfoliate, but also nourish and soften the skin–it’s the perfect way for your friend to kickstart his/her weekly detox!

Lilysilk’s 22 Momme Housewife Silk Pillowcase


If you’ve never heard of the wonders of a silk pillowcase, now’s the time to get educated. Made out of 100% Grade A Mulberry silk, not only does this pillowcase look highly luxurious, but it also has the power to target beauty concerns such as wrinkling skin and frizzy hair. Compared to regular cotton pillowcases, the silk provides less friction and stays cooler than cotton, making it more gentle and hydrating for both the hair and skin, to give them a healthier glow when they wake from their beauty sleep!

To Ease Your Mind

ThisWorks’ Sleep Together

Thisworks Sleep Together


For the friend whose mind is constantly awake at night, try this aromatherapy duo. Infused with sleep-inducing ingredients such as lavender, vetivert and chamomile, this highly relaxing pillow spray and breathe-in essential oil is the perfect duo to provide a subtle yet aromatic scent to your friend’s skin and linen.

It serves to melt all of the day’s stresses away, clearing your friend’s mind while giving the gift of deep and better sleep. He/she will never have to face another day of tossing and turning in bed.

Muji’s Large Aroma Diffuser


Scent your friend’s home with this aroma diffuser from Muji. With its ultrasonic function and low-noise operation, it silently diffuses and fills the room with the aroma of your friend’s choice. We highly recommend using lemon or peppermint oils during the day to awaken and clear the mind, while combining the breathe-in essential oil from This Works with the diffuser at night to give your friend the best night’s sleep she can possibly get.

Not to mention, this aroma diffuser can also be used as a soft room light, creating the perfect relaxing ambience for your friend to carry out her much needed self-care routine for the holiday!

Leuchtturm1917’s Master Slim Hardcover


With the new year comes the purchase of new planners and organisers to plan our days and start the year on a more efficient and organised note. For the friend whose life is constantly filled with appointments, meetings and deadlines, we recommend jotting things down (or bullet journalling) on this Leuchtturm1917 hardcover notebook.

Compared to the bog-standard diaries, this notebook prides itself on having thicker and higher quality pages so you can let your friend’s creativity run free with multi-coloured pens and markers to beautify his/her dreadful to-do list and ease his/her mind at the same time!

Self-care is a very personal practice. Be it taking care of oneself through a luxurious skincare routine, or simply easing one’s mind via journalling, there is truly something for everyone. So stop and show your friends (and yourself) some well-deserved love in celebration of the holiday season! After all, it’s truly the most beautiful time of the year.

With love,


Stephanie Low

Stephanie Low

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