One of my favourite things about coming to the end of one year is looking for all the new stationery for the next! And if you’re like me — someone who’s an old-fashioned stationery junkie — you’ll know that nothing beats picking out your new yearly diaries or planners!

Sure you could do things online but really, has a hardcover planner ever failed you more than a dead battery has? So to help you save hours of scrolling through the net, go through our little round-up instead to know where you can find the best 2019 diaries and planners. Your welcome, in advanced!



Bright, bold and full of inspiration to kickstart the new year!, this gorgeous planner from local brand Actspressions features Singaporean public holidays in its monthly views. Its weekly views also give you enough space to write your to-dos and notes for the day so you can stay on top of everything.

At the back of the planner, you’ll find blank and lined extra pages so you can make all sorts of notes and doodles, it’s all up to you!  Expect a fresh design each month, complete with a quote to keep you inspired and on your toes.


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Ban.Do is famous for its colourful and colourful designs that are youthful yet chic. These planners have colour-coded months, recommended fun to-dos each week, tons of stickers, a colouring-in page and pages to compliment you! All the planners are also hardback and have a satin ribbon so you won’t lose your page. Honestly, it’s a stationery junkie’s dream present — well for me at least!

Kate Spade

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Now, if you’d like some colour or pattern in your everyday life but want the pages of your planner to stay simple, these Kate Spade planners would be good for you! An elastic band keeps everything shut together so your stickers and plans stay safe! The pages are clean and minimal, ready to be scribbled on, making it a great option for working professionals. If a weekly layout isn’t enough space for you, you can find more lined pages at the back of the book!


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I couldn’t have a stationery round-up without including kikki.K! The Swedish brand is most known for its array of fun yet minimalistic planners and diaries — those above are just our top picks.

Whether you’d like a personalised planner or a simple and sweet one, the brand has it all. Aside from yearly, monthly and weekly layouts, these planners also have inspiring quotes in common. Each of them come with a matching sticker pack for you to unleash your creativity. These are just our top picks so go crazy!



If your style is more classic and muted, look no further! Right off the bat, its reptile-effect print cover gives this diary a luxe vintage appeal we can’t resist. Letts’ diaries gives you the view of every week for the next 12 months, the names of days and months in several languages — in case you decide to go trilingual — as well as international holidays and measurement conversions.

Mossery & Co.

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For the creative minds who love leaving scribbles! Mossery & Co. produces planners which can be personalised just for you! The covers above are just a few of our favourites from the ones available.

You can have your name etched in gold foil, using one of two fonts, and can also choose between a weekly vertical or horizontal display! This planner features extra dotted note pages, inspiration boards, priority and value lists, monthly reviews and so much more. Trust me when I say stationery junkies and creative minds alike will go ga-ga over these planners.



Another one that we just could not resist! This fluffy A6 planner is perfect for those of us who wish we lived the glamorous life. Luxe faux-fur lining aside, the planner would be most ideal for detail-oriented people who’d love daily breakdowns specific to the hour. We actually think that if you’re not the sort to plan your day down to the hour, but you still love this planner, you could use it as a diary! Then you could remember your 2019 days in detail.

The Paper Bunny

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If you love stationery but don’t know about The Paper Bunny, you have to start checking out the brand’s pretty products! The annual planners feature hardbound covers with gold detailing, and it opens up flat to reveal laminated month tabs along with annual, monthly and weekly views. There’s also motivational and hand-lettered quotes, extra pages for notes each month, a satin ribbon placeholder and elastic band closure.

The little pocket at the back helps you keep any loose papers or receipts you have. Or you could keep the illustrated stickers the planners come with to customise your books. Every quarterly, there are also activity pages to entertain you! For something more desk-specific, get the non-dated weekly planners which let you organise the week in full clarity and style, not to mention!

Soleil Ignacio


You’ve seen her work featured on our very own DC Holiday Merch. Now here’s her take on a planner! Perfect for those looking for a very minimalist art-print option, or for those who just can’t commit to that daily planning life.

Soleil’s planner is date-less and year-less, so you could practically use it any year! You get a month’s view, so if you like to get an overall view of what you have in store for the weeks and months to come, look no more. Bring it around or leave it on your desk, this pared-down planner will get your life from zero to organised.


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Besides selling quirky homeware and lifestyle products, Typo is known for their planners! Whether it’s the more candid designs or wanderlust-themed options, these planners have both weekly and daily layouts available for you, depending on how detailed you love to be. Although the covers are truly aesthetic and gorg, the pages are nice and clean — great for those looking for a practical yet beautiful planner or diary that’s also affordable!



We hope one of the planners caught your eye and will accompany you through your 2019! Having planners and diaries are a great way to maximise your days and make room for the important things in life. If you ask me, it’ll also make a great gift for a loved one this season too! There’s nothing quite like the gift of time, is there?


Lots of love,



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