A gift idea that we’re loving this holiday season is something that can be shared — more specifically, a spa day for you and your bestie! It’s the perfect gift to get the both of you some much needed R&R while getting in some quality time. So grab your bestie, and treat yourselves to these beauty treatments and a whole lot of TLC this festive season.


Porcelain, Beespoke Honey Facial

Book / Image courtesy of Porcelain

The latest addition to Porcelain at Sofitel Singapore City Centre, the latest Beespoke™ Honey Facial is the ideal luxurious treat! Perfect for that friend who’s always running here and there for work or jet-setting around the world. The facial dramatically brightens and hydrates dull and tired-looking skin and tbh, we all desperately need that don’t we?

The treatment — inspired by the honey bee — has three products specially developed by Porcelain which leaves the two of you with brightened, rejuvenated skin which has been lifted and purified. The treatment also dramatically hydrates skin, and reduces any visible unevenness in skin tone or texture! And if you’re allergic to bee propolis, don’t fret! The technicians will switch it out for a suitable replacement.

Face Bistro, Clear Cleansing Facial


An exclusive skincare and beauty boutique managed by celebrity makeup artist, Dily Wang, Face Bistro is the place for you and your BFF to get some expert beauty advice and services. The boutique offers premium beauty and skincare products from Japan, which are specially made to suit Asian skin!

We recommend their Clear Cleansing Facial, which is the boutique’s signature service to try. It includes the basic necessities the skin needs such as cleansing, steaming and a gentle extraction to remove dead skin and decongest pores. There’s also a soothing massage and a mask treatment which will give you both some well-deserved shut-eye. When you’re done with the treatment, you’ll both have clear and radiant skin, and feel totally rested!

Spa Esprit, Eyes Wide Open Treat


The local apothecary spa, Spa Esprit, is the place to be at for creative and customisable facials, massages and body treatments! Whether it’s an aromatherapy massage, stress-busting treatments and acne-fighting facials, Spa Esprit has got it.

We suggest shifting your eyes (yes) towards the Eyes Wide Open Treat, which is perfect for getting your peepers revived for the season! With Spa Esprit’s revolutionary wet microdermabrasion technology, your undereye area will be infused with a hydrating and soothing cocktail of powerhouse ingredients such as Chamomile and Aloe Vera. And fret not, this is a painless treatment which works to reduce eye bags, dark eye circles and fine lines so you and your BFF can sit back, relax, and recharge!


The Ultimate Resort Spa, 1 for 1 Balinese Massage


Head away to this luxe resort, nestled in Bukit Batok for a luxurious spa treatment! Surrounded by lush foliage, The Ultimate will give you and your bestie the most serene, unforgettable spa day.

The both of you will be nestled away in a hillside pavilion, so you can have the day literally to yourselves. At the retreat, you’ll be able to indulge in a 60-minute massage of your choosing — either Aromatic, Balinese, Javanese, Shiatsu or Swedish. There are tons of other services to enjoy as well, with plenty of time to catch up with your bestie ‘till the day’s end.

Spa Esprit, Energy Worker


Vibrate your way to better balance at Singapore’s homegrown apothecary. Also available at Spa Esprit, is the Energy Worker, an oil-free massage which uses specialised handwork to balance out the energy flow in your body!

You’ll both start off with an energy reading (we tried it and were surprised by the accuracy) to determine which points in your body need improvement. Aches will be soothed and you’ll both leave feeling fresh and rejuvenated. It’s definitely a unique spa treatment which was truly made to be experienced with the person you’d trust your life (and wardrobe choices) with.

Spa Retreat at One Farrer Hotel, Couple Retreat


Melt the tensions of 2018 away at the award-winning Spa Retreat! The leisure spa features a myriad of contemporary, result orientated and relaxing treatments that’ll ease your mind and body.

At One Farrer, you and your BFF will be in for a treat! Inside your private suite, an aromatic massage, Japanese-style onsen and detox sauna await the two of you. But the day doesn’t end there. Take a walk through serene gardens, or go for a dip in the swimming pool. One thing’s for sure — it’s a spa day for the books honey!


Benefit Cosmetics, Brow Wax & Tint


Get some slayin’ brows this season with Benefit! Book two slots for you and your bestie and you’ll both have fuss-free brows for the next three to four weeks. The service starts off with waxing your brows to a shape that accentuates your face. Benefit’s speciality tint then takes to even the finest hairs, leaving each brow with a fuller look.

Within 40 minutes, you’ll both be leaving with picture-perfect brows! So the next time you plan to meet, a bad brow day will not be an excuse to be late.

Nails & Good Company, Deluxe Manicure/ Classic Gel Mani & Pedi


Do your part for the earth and opt for a socially responsible salon the next time you dress up your nails! At Nails & Good Company, it’s all about doing what’s best for you, the nail technicians and society. That’s why we especially love the idea of doing it at this salon!

Go for the Deluxe Manicure or get your nails looking pretty and matchy-matchy with the Gel Manicure! A day getting your nails done with your BFF has and will always be a classic so don’t forget to include the must-haves of the appointment — tons of conversation topics and lots of tea to spill.

COVO Hair Salon, Argan Oil Colour + Ecalsta Silky Treatment


A luxurious experience is in for you and your bestie at COVO Hair Salon. Expect to leave the salon with gorgeous locks, as experienced Japanese hair professionals tend to your tresses. COVO’s Keong Saik outlet boasts an intimate setting which we think is perfect to leave you and your bestie with a hair day like no other.  

Get your BFF (and you) ready for the festive season with hair that has been treated and dyed with Argan Oil, for shinier and softer hair. If you opt to treat your BFF with to a colour, perm or re-bonding makeover, you’ll be happy to know that COVO uses the same products as its Tokyo salon, which was developed by the “Chemical Master” and owner-stylist of COVO Japan, Mr. Manabu.

The service you choose to gift to your friend depends on what they need, so look through the extensive menu and pick what you think is best. There are some great deals for the season that you would both love, so pick away!



Giving your BFF the ultimate gift can be a tricky task. You know them so well that you could literally come up with a truckload’s worth of things you could gift them — skincare, thoughtful gifts or even makeup. But we seriously love the idea of gifting them a spa or beauty day! It’s like getting a (sort of free) recharge and rejuvenation, isn’t it? It’ll definitely be a hit and be known as the ultimate gift. Here’s to many more wonderful memories with our best friends!

Lots of love,



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