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Photography: Joel Lim | Studio: Calbire | Styling: Martin Wong | Makeup and Hair: Rick Yang

It’s party season, and in the spirit of fun and fashion freedom, we turn to Furla to celebrate in elegance and playful originality. From changeable crossbody chains to glittery bag flaps, the highly customisable My Play Furla collection has upped the ante this season, and we’re absolutely spoilt for choice. So join us as we take you through a kaleidoscope of colour this festive season, and find out what it means to get playful with your holiday wardrobe!

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What’s your idea of the perfect holiday party?

Just a dinner over board games would be great. Oh, and a photo booth with my closest friends of course! Knowing me, the party will probably end by 11 pm ‘cause I’ll be too tired, but that’s why I have my fiancé Imran because, with him, every night is a party night, and so far all our get-togethers have lasted till 4 am! *laughs*

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Your party look isn’t complete without…

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Comfort, for sure. I think you still have to feel comfortable no matter what outfit you wear, or how glam you want to look. You don’t want to suffer the whole night at a party after all!

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Describe your festive fashion in 3 words

Time for [the colour] red! I hardly wear red on normal days, but this is the time of the year to be adventurous! I’m usually quite safe with my fashion picks, and my colour palette is quite neutral, but this is the time I get to experiment with colours, sequins, glitter and all that!

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Your must-have party accessory you can’t live without is…

Definitely a good cross-body bag. I’m not one to carry bulky things when I want to go out at night, so a good small statement bag is good to use have my car keys, cards and lipsticks in, in case I wanna touch up on the go! It looks compact, but has tons of room for my essentials!

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How do you

keep your

party looks

fun and fresh?

I think having versatile pieces like the bags from the My Play Furla series makes putting outfits together so fun. It’s a bag that’s never boring ‘cause you can always change it up. You can go monotone or glittery, throw on an embellished strap or try on a gold chain or a rainbow-hued bag flap. The straps and flaps are interchangeable, and there are so many styles to choose from! Just pick a base colour you like and have fun with the rest!

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If you could party with one person who would it be:

I’m a huge Kardashian fan, so anyone from the Kardashian family would be perfect…but maybe not Rob or Scott. *laughs*


Videography: Joel Lim | Assisted by: Sherman See-Tho & Sheryl Soh | Studio: Sweeky Collective | Styling: Martin Wong | Makeup and Hair: Rick Yang


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