Growing up as a child, I remember having the freedom to wear (almost) everything I wanted — whether it was dresses, sleeveless tops or camis. As I grew up, modesty felt like a fence that stopped me from wearing what I wanted. Of course, later on, I understood its importance for not just the religion I was in, but as a woman as well.

But since my younger years, modest fashion has evolved so much and has even become one of this year’s biggest trends. With all the alternative styling options and inspiration available, there are actually tons of ways to dress modestly and stylishly. So here are a few tricks, plus some Insta-inspo, to help you dress how you want to, in a modest fashion.

Low or Wide Neckline Tops

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If you see (or have) a gorgeous top which you’ve to turn away because of how strappy, wide-necked or deep cut it is, the solution is simple: layering. Get yourself a turtleneck or high-neck top, which will cover up your décolletage. Turtlenecks are especially great for fellow hijabistas who don a turban, so we recommend getting at least one in black and white!

Play with colours, cut and texture to spice up your outfit. We love how Yuna’s outfit is paired with contrasting colours for a chic twist — and Imane’s creased top which plays with texture and injects a little playfulness with the flared cuffs.

Outerwear For All Occasions

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Go from grunge to feminine, all with just the change of your outerwear. For a cool and casual ensemble, a denim jacket or long coat works best. You can also look for button-down long-sleeved maxi dresses to double up as outerwear to add a little twist to your ensemble!

There are so many options you could choose from — abayas, kimonos, oversized coats, trench coats and even blazers. So go wild with your choices! Since Singapore can get rather warm, do opt for more lightweight options.

Layering Long Sleeves

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Another way you can wear short-sleeved tops or dresses modestly is with long-sleeved tops!  Just throw on a a siple slogan-tee over a long-sleeved shirt for a chic and simple street style outfit. We love how Palestinian-Puerto Rican blogger Maria Alia wore hers with a button-down top tied together with a knot!

Tip: To make sure your whole ensemble looks flows, go for long-sleeved tops and bottoms of the same, or similar colour.

Midi or Split Dresses or Skirts

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The key to pulling it off this look is really in how you style it and knowing what the overall vibe you want to portray is. Some takeaways from her feed: If you’re wearing a printed dress, black or white tights work best to cover your legs while staying subtle.

When you’re going for a relaxed and casual vibe, straight cut jeans are great. It’s especially good when it’s paired with contrasting colours like red or yellow. Add even more flow to an easy-breezy loose ensemble with loose, linen pants.

Cropped Tops

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Turn this navel-baring piece into an office-appropriate look! This trick is something we miss out on so often because of how revealing we perceive crops to be. However, when styled with a button-down long-sleeved top, it instantly elevates your classic workwear outfits. Pair it with jeans, pants or layer it over a dress if you’re feeling more adventerous!


Sometimes we also have tops which are a little bit shorter than we’d like, but every other aspect of it is modest. So to keep things covered, you can also try wearing high-waisted pants or palazzo pants. Tuck in your shirt, or wear a camisole inside and tuck it out. You’ll instantly have an all-rounded modest crop top.

Dressing modestly while maintaining fashion freedom has always been an issue many girls face, Muslim or not. I hope that this article has helped you and if you have your own personal tips, leave them in the comments below!

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