BASF Reinvents Sustainable Fashion With Seven Crash At NYFW

What does one of the largest eco-conscious chemical companies have in common with a high fashion street brand from New York? Bringing fresh, futuristic and fun sustainable fashion to the people.


BASF and Seven Crash may seem like an unlikely pair to take on New York Fashion Week (NYFW), but pushing envelopes and defying expectations has always been something both are familiar with. We checked out the highly anticipated show to get a peek at BASF’s Freeflex and Haptex materials in full form–strutting down the NYFW runways.

A Perfect Fit

Though seemingly unlikely, BASF and Seven Crash couldn’t be more of a match made in heaven. The street brand that draws their inspiration from the rebellious youth culture of New York, has never been afraid to break the rules and test new waters.

Before the show, we sat down with BASF Asia Pacific Vice President of performance materials in consumer industries, Manfred Pawlowski, and En Chi, the designer behind Seven Crash. Though seemingly worlds apart, both shared a common goal of creating something that could truly showcase what could be done with today’s new sustainable materials.

Why Fashion?

4 or 5 years ago, BASF started working on the idea of co-creation and bringing their materials to designers in hopes of inspiring them to see what could be done with their materials. 2 of their materials, Freeflex, a versatile TPU and Haptex, a more sustainable synthetic leather alternative, were great for use in sports shoes and also clothing.

But the decision to create a show with Seven Crash came only recently when BASF decided it was time to give these fabrics new life. “A year and a half ago, we decided to do something very different,” Manfred explained.

“Typically, companies like BASF just attend trade shows, but rather than just showcasing things in a box like we usually do, we wanted to create something more lively and relatable to our consumers. And the best way to do that was to work with fabric and clothing.”

The Changing Face Of Sustainable Fashion

While sustainability has come a long way in becoming “fashion-friendly”, there’s still a world of possibilities to be explored with this eco-conscious alternative. Many “sustainable” materials currently used are naturally derived, providing limitations to what can be done with them.

“Our materials offer greater sustainability from start to finish, while also replicating the same style and comfort as a range of other materials,” Manfred elaborates. “Freeflex, for instance, can be transformed into many types of fibres—rigid fibres for sports shoes, or flexible ones for hosiery as well.”

The Future Of Fashion

Fashion week is the perfect time to showcase something that’s fresh, new and a little unexpected. What Seven Crash has done with Freeflex and Haptex at NYFW is just a glimpse at the possibilities of a more sustainable fashion future–and we’re looking forward to what’s to come!


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