March Favourites

We’re always trying and testing new beauty products we’ve gotten our hands on. And amidst the landslide of serums and setting sprays, there’s always new product picks we just have to tell everyone about. So welcome to DC Roundup, a monthly segment in which the DC Team gushes over the best products they’ve tried this month! March has been a big month of beauty drops, so here are the standout products we’ve made our new staples.  

Naked Reloaded Palette


If you’ve run into me in the last month, you’ve probably experienced what’s about to happen. But for good measure let me just say–I love this palette. I’ve bolded and italicised this statement to drive this point through, but it’s worth it

The latest in Urban Decay’s iconic Naked series, the Naked Reloaded palette features 12 neutral shades that were designed to complement any skin tone (we put it to the test here). As an added bonus, Urban Decay even made the four outer pans in the palette bigger for the shades you’ll use the most. I’m especially in love with the ultra-fine shimmer shades that give an almost pearlescent finish to your shadow look. It makes shimmer so easy to wear in the day, and really lets you experiment with layering your shades as well! So if you’re looking for a palette that you could dip into every day, then this is the perfect one to invest in.

Supergoop Superscreen


One of the most elusive finds on my list has to be a really good sunscreen. By really good I mean it should provide adequate sun protection, absorb well into the skin, and have a lightweight texture. The Superscreen, on the other hand, has crushed my expectations, and I dare say I don’t know if I could return to another sunscreen again.

As someone who has never been particularly sold on the consistency of most “lightweight” SPFs, I have to say the Superscreen is perfect. On top of this, the SPF 40 strength sunscreen also protects your skin from blue light, pollution and dryness! I also love that it’s fast absorbing, leaving my skin dewy and prepped for my foundation in a matter of seconds.

Tarte Sting Zing Lip Plumping Serum


Now I’ll admit, I wasn’t instantly sold on the Sting Zing Lip Plumper. To be fair I went in expecting bee-stung lips–which wasn’t what I got (thankfully). But when I gave it a second go, I realised that the slight plumping of my lips smoothed all my pronounced lip lines, making for flawless lipstick application like I’d never experienced before.

The mild tingling sensation can take some getting used to, but don’t be alarmed. The Sting Zing’s formula is actually really gentle, and continued use has even helped treat my chronically chapped lips! I don’t use this every day, simply because I don’t bother with lip products on a day-to-day basis, but I always put this on before applying a lip colour now, and you would too if you felt and saw the difference!

Fresh Beauty Lotus Dream Cream


Products that promise “instant” results have always left me with some scepticism, but ever so often, I’m proven wrong. One very instance has to be with the Fresh Beauty Lotus Dream Cream. This powerhouse product treats skin with the multi-beneficial properties of the entire living lotus plant encapsulated in an ingredient they call “Super Lotus”.

It provides your skin with antioxidant protection while preventing and minimizing signs of aging. On top of that, it strengthens your skin’s barriers which helps boost the youthful and radiant appearance of your complexion while keeping your skin hydrated! The peach extract included in this cream works to help your skin recover overnight, and lends a calming aroma to the cream which really sets you in the mood for some serious rest. It’s the sort of product that you genuinely can look forward to using every night, and lets you wake up feeling better about your skin (and sleep)!

3CE Blush Palette


Our graphic designer Shi Lin has recently discovered the wonders of blusher and opts for the 3CE Blush Palette in Softener for her daily looks. The palette comes with 5 warm pink, peach and coral shades as well as a light contour shade to add dimension to your face shape!

This is perfect for anyone who’s looking for a pigmented blush colour that isn’t too bright or loud. Think soft, naturally flushed cheeks. The powder formula also allows you to layer shades without adding any coarse texture to your skin, allowing you to mix up custom blush combos that complement your unique skin tone!

Pro tip: This palette packs a pigmented punch, so you can use the shades as an eyeshadow as well.

Herbivore Botanicals Mini Facial Oil Trio


I’ve been a Herbivore fan since I tried out their Pink Cloud Rosewater Moisture Crème (also something worth checking out). So I was thrilled to try out their Mini Facial Oil Trio, firstly because I love a good aromatherapy-style treatment, and secondly because their vials are gorgeous (don’t roll your eyes at me).

The oil trio is perfect for anyone, and I literally mean anyone because it allows you to rotate treatments depending on what your skin needs at the moment. You can use these oils day or night, but I usually reserve Lapis and Pheonix for my nightly skincare routines because their just slightly richer than the Orchid oil. I use Lapis on days where I’m having more breakouts than usual, and Pheonix for when I need a boost in hydration and radiance! I save Orchid for my morning routines because it feels the lightest on my skin, and adds a dewy glow to my complexion while treating dryness.

Pro tip: Using lightweight oils as a moisturiser is great for combination skin because it treats the dry areas while balancing oil secretion in your oily zones!

Candylab Cosmetics Creampop The Velvet Lip Color

As far as long wear lip colours go, Candylab’s Creampop Lip Color has to be one of the most gentle formulas I have ever worn. With a super light, whipped texture, the product glides on seamlessly leaving no streaks–which means you don’t have to cake on the product for a smooth pigmented finish!

The product finishes matte and dries down quickly without adding weight to the lips, so you can expect flake-free long-lasting coverage. I personally love the shade warm blood, which, as it implies, is a warm red shade that has a slight brownish-orange tint to it. You can expect to shop this extremely affordable beauty buy from exclusively from Guardian from April 2019 onwards!



Stay tuned for more of the latest and greatest drops coming to you monthly from the DC Team! We also love hearing about your personal beauty finds, so drop us a DM or tag us in your next Instagram post!


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