Two Lips Blackout Mask

Let’s not beat around the bush (pun not intended)–vulva masking sounds pretty out there. When I first heard about the Two Lips Blackout Mask last year, it even had me sceptical. The first of its kind vulva treatment was created by Cynthia Chua, founder of the much-loved Spa Esprit Group.

She was inspired to develop this mask after hearing customers open up about their private concerns regarding dryness, odours, ingrown hairs and darkness in their nether regions, just to name a few.

First Impressions

In the name of investigative journalism, I tried one on when the mask first launched. I’d be lying if I said the idea wasn’t absurd to me. But here’s the thing: All these concerns that Cynthia heard about weren’t uncommon. Of course, this isn’t a general conversation we have outside of our local gynaecologist office or waxing studio–but that doesn’t mean it’s something to ignore.

So there I lay, legs akimbo for the next 15 to 20 minutes as I began my, as Strip calls it, “vajuvenation”. The overall experience was pleasant enough. And much like wearing a facial mask, it was cool to the skin, smelled great and left you feeling pampered. The only drawback was that I didn’t feel particularly rejuvenated, but the same goes for any one-off beauty experience I suppose.

Strip PowerPac IPL Treatment

Months later I got the chance to test out the controversial mask again, this time post-Powerpac IPL Treatment. This semi-permanent hair removal treatment uses beams of specially filtered light to weaken the hair follicles, causing delayed hair growth and a percentage of hair to not re-grow at all.

As far as lasers go, the Powerpac treatment was surprisingly pleasant. Of course, there was the occasional prickly sensation, but it was nothing close to unbearable. And once the cooling gel goes on, you’ll feel soothed instantly. If you’re feeling discomfort mid-treatment, just speak to your waxer and she’ll make the necessary adjustments!

The Powerpac IPL treatment takes about 40 minutes in total, or 50 if you request for the Two Lips Blackout Mask to be applied after.  For those who struggle with ingrown hairs, this is a perfect and relatively painless procedure you should definitely look into.

Vulva Masking

The Two Lips Blackout Mask was designed to truly shine post-wax or IPL. So after your next treatment at Strip, ask your beautician to help you apply one to the treated area.

Much like my first experience with the mask, it was a nice soothing treat. But more so, I found that post-Powerpac, I felt no abrasive discomfort and faced no irritation to the treated area. As someone who suffers from occasional skin dryness due to my unfortunate hormonal shifts (thanks PMS), I was bracing myself for some sort of discomfort, but was pleasantly surprised to go about the rest of my weeks with none whatsoever!

On top of this, the Two Lips Blackout Mask is said to bring about noticeable change after 5 days of continuous use. And since I’d come this far, why back out now? So for the next 4 days, I made a ritual out of it, working it into my nightly skincare ritual.

Detoxing Properties

The mask is supposed to help detox your vulva area with Activated Binchotan Charcoal which is known to boost lymphatic drainage, ultimately helping to eliminate toxins from the body. While I can’t say for sure that my vulva’s been detoxed (how does anyone truly know anyway?) I can attest to the mask’s odour eliminating properties. This could be great for women who struggle with this specific concern, especially leading up to their menstrual cycle!

Note: You should use this in the lead-up to your cycle, not during!

Skin Treating Properties

The Two Lips Blackout Mask draws its skin rejuvenating properties from a ton of naturally derived ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Ylang Ylang, Chamomile, Elderberry, Cornflower and Indian Cress. Working together, these help to moisturise, hydrate, and soothe the vulva.   

After 5 days I could really feel a difference in my skin–and I still do now weeks on. Compounded with the IPL treatment the general area feels softer, smoother, and over my last menstrual cycle, I’ve felt less discomfort from wearing sanitary pads than I usually do. For anyone with ingrown hair issues, this mask could also help soften skin and help minimise that from occurring.

The Verdict

The Two Lips Blackout Mask is definitely a luxury, but it’s not an unfounded one. Though I don’t see myself doing this for 5 days straight for quite a while, I would definitely work this into any post-wax or IPL treatment again. I’d also definitely recommend it to any friend who’s feeling self-conscious about her private affairs (i.e: odours, darkened skin tones, hairs and dryness).

One thing I would like to stress, however, is to always be careful with what you expose your private areas to. This mask has been gynaecologically and dermatologically tested to ensure it’s safe for use, but everyone has different PH sensitivities. And though I suffer from being PH sensitive myself and have not had an adverse reaction, it’s not to say you won’t. So please patch test and take precaution before treating your vulva with anything!


Talking about important feminine topics can be uncomfortable sometimes, but we hope this encourages you to open up about your needs! And of course, if you have any personal questions for us, drop us a DM on our Instagram.




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