When it comes to getting a fresh dewy glow post-makeup, prepping your skin with the right skincare is crucial. But perhaps you knew that already. Dewy, glowing skin isn’t always only about highlighters or products that have a shimmering effect. Many underestimate how important a hydrated skin base is.

Chanel’s HYDRA BEAUTY line places hydration at the forefront of their products – the Camellia Alba PFA, a white camellia extract and a signature active ingredient, is combined with a hyaluronic acid derivative to restore hydric balance. In addition, Blue Ginger PFA, a powerful antioxidant extracted from ginger, helps protect skin from free radicals and reinforce skin’s natural defence system on a daily basis.

Here are 4 CHANEL Beauty products to help you achieve the dewy, glass skin of your IG dreams. 

1. CHANEL Camellia Water Cream

A water-based hydrating cream is a game-changer – the more moisture, the better! Most makeup artists would suggest applying your foundation right after moisturising to up that glow factor instantly. 

Chanel’s Camellia Water cream also comes equipped with iridescent pearly particles to complete the formula. The pearls capture the light, reflect it, and blurs imperfections – in essence, your real-life light reflector!

2. LES BEIGES Water Fresh Tint

If you’re comfortable with forgoing a full coverage foundation, opt for a BB or CC cream that will give your skin a sheer healthy ‘tint’. Using microfluidic technology, this tint is lighter in texture compared to foundations and is CHANEL’s first water-fresh tint is composed of 75% water, offering you intense hydration and soothing properties to combat Singapore’s perennial humidity. 

This product also comes with an ergonomic brush to help blend the products evenly and effortlessly.

3. No. 5 L’EAU Fresh Lotion 

Chanel N°5 L’Eau gives a modern and fresh interpretation of the cult classic Chanel N°5. Previously only available as a fragrance and hand cream, now the N°5 L’Eau comes packaged with as a lotion and shower gel – think hints of citrus and mandarin infused with soft, cotton musky notes that smell like home. It may be on the thicker side of creams, but it does not feel greasy or heavy on your skin! Use the skin on your neck and collar bone – why not let your other body parts shine!

4. DUO BRONZE ET LUMIÈRE Bronzer and Highlighter Duo

Highlighters and bronzers are the ultimate power pairing. Finish off your look with Chanel’s Bronzer and highlighter duo, for the prettiest of glows to brave the day ahead. The bronzer has a satin finish with minimal shimmer, giving your face the perfect neutral undertone. Pair it with the highlighter which glides on a sheer coat of deep golden shine.

Need video evidence? Watch our video to see it for yourself:


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