Powerful, edgy and unapologetically bold. The Kenzo World Power Eau De Parfum is one sexy, audacious lightning in a bottle. With daring and unorthodox notes, Kenzo World Power is an adventurous and refreshing twist on conventional feminine perfumes. It is the opus of Jérôme Di Marino (also the nose behind the first three chapters of Kenzo World) and rebels against florals with striking, aromatic notes and a masculine energy

We caught up with the inimitable Jérôme over email, who tells us why Kenzo World Power is a fearless ode to empowerment, his personal journey in perfumery and how he wears his own perfume.

The Kenzo World Power is an exceptional addition to the Kenzo World Universe, very much distinct from its predecessors. How is the scent of Kenzo World Power unique compared to other Kenzo World fragrances?

The DNA of the first chapter of Kenzo World was built around florality. On the opposite end, Kenzo World Power is expressing femininity without a floral signature but through a sensual and addictive sweet-salty trail.

What was the creative inspiration behind Kenzo World Power?

I wanted to work around a new sensuality. I had this idea of a Salty Tonka Bean, where the saltiness would be enhancing the sweet and creamy tones of Tonka.

How did you translate something abstract (the celebration of empowerment) into a wearable, olfactive experience?

I tried to keep in mind as much as I could the idea of Power, about strength. I translated it by focusing on a strong and short message to be sure that it would be effective and impactful. The note of Cypress is borrowed from the masculine wardrobe to express this idea of empowerment.

Why was it important for you to create a scent that embodies such positive energy and the spirit of empowerment?

We are living in a world that is moving so fast. And I think that in this context our society is fighting more and more for equality and for women’s rights. It’s always exciting to take part of such changes with a scent embodying it!

The fragrance notes for Kenzo World Power are both unconventional and unexpected, why did you pick these notes?

I picked the Tonka bean to bring a new sensuality and an original addiction to this new chapter. I twisted it with a salty note which enhanced the gourmand note and brought light to the fragrance. And I chose Cypress, which is usually used in masculine fragrances to embody the message of empowerment in the fragrance.

As part of a new generation of “noses”, how do you envision the future of perfume?

I imagine fragrances with more personalisation and less walls between the codes of gender. 

What is your first memory of a fragrance?

The blast of aldehydes and the opulent floral bouquet of my mother’s signature fragrance, Diva Ungaro.

When and how did you realise you wanted to be a perfumer?

I realised it when I was studying chemistry, I always wanted to dedicate myself to a creative career.  And under the influence of Grasse, I discovered the existence of “creators of fragrances”. Since then I didn’t have any doubt about what I wanted to do .

What was the most important, or memorable lesson you had during your career as an apprentice with Master Perfumer Francis Kurkdjian?

Francis made me understand that sometimes “Less is more”. He taught me to always keep what really matters in my compositions, to always ask myself if the message of the fragrance is clear and easily understandable by keeping the essentials. That’s why Kenzo World Power is built around only three main facets: Tonka, Salt and Cypress.

The notes of Kenzo World Power are described as powerful, upbeat and fiery — is there a woman who comes to mind when you think of Kenzo World Power?

I thought about the Kenzo World woman who is not afraid to be different, to show herself to the world and live by her own rules.

Finally, what type of fragrance do you wear? Do you have a signature scent?

I love to be wrapped into my perfume, that’s why I wear two types of fragrances, oriental/sensual scents and clean/soapy fragrances.

Fiery and fearless, discover the Kenzo World Power Eau De Parfum at all leading department stores, as well as Sephora stores islandwide and online!

Take care,

Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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