If sustainable luxury sounds oxymoronic to you, or even somewhat unnecessary, Caroline Scheufele, the Artistic Director and Co-President of Maison Chopard, will tell you to hold that thought. “I think it is not a question, it is a must-do for me,” Caroline explains in our intimate, candid interview. The backbone of Chopard’s relentless dedication to responsible luxury is its Do Good Feel Good brand philosophy. It is a humble, blithe belief that is taken very seriously and the heart of Chopard’s visionary journey in eco-friendly, sustainable perfumery. 

The Happy Chopard Fragrance Collection is a three-part olfactive voyage that exactly captures the pleasure of green-living, positivity and a vivacious spirit. Featuring Lemon Dulci, Felicia Roses, as well as the newest addition Bigaradia, the collection is a burst of uplifting, delicious, sunlit notes. Over our cosy catch up, Caroline got personal about being a trailblazer in sustainable luxury, why Happy Chopard is uniquely bottled joy and how she ended up with her own one-of-a-kind perfume creation. 


Can you tell us more about why you decided to venture into creating fragrances and what excites you about having fragrances as part of the Chopard house?

Well, it’s been some years already that [we’ve been] into fragrances! Just that recently we’ve changed our theme — so [we have] a much more sophisticated theme. I believe that women dress not only in bags and jewelry, but they also dress in perfume. I think perfume or fragrance is very important for a woman to express her personality and her character.  

Tell us more about the Do Good Feel Good philosophy of Chopard and how it was conceived.

You know, for seven or eight years now we’ve been working with the same angle — sustainable, ethical sources, protection…we’re looking into all the gemstones and trying to get them all fairly mined, as well as looking at the supply chain. It is really our vision that luxury should be transparent and we’re trying to — no we’re not trying — we are doing the same with our fragrances!

What does it feel like to be one of the first brands in the industry to be involved in sustainable luxury?

I feel like…at the beginning, everybody was looking at us and wondering, why are we doing this? But I think it is not a question, it is a must-do for me. We cannot just continue and think the next generation is going to take care of it, they actually won’t, unless we start. So somebody had to start and I’m proud that it’s Chopard. 

What sets Chopard’s Happy Fragrance Collection apart (from other scents)?

Oh the name says it — happy! It brings out joy and the colours are very playful too…very feminine! I don’t know if you’ve tried them but they are very fresh smells, with the lemon and the mandarin…also very soft. 

Because scents are always subjected to individual preferences, was it difficult coming up with fragrances that would suit your crowd?

Well, that’s why we have a few different directions. We have a more classical approach — the Haute Parfumerie — then Happy is more for the younger generation. So they all smell different, within one collection we have sweet smells and then also the Oud collection, the blue collection and the green. 

Then of course the Rose de Caroline is a very special one, it’s all fresh rose petals and we only use natural ingredients which are fairly harvested. I think you can really smell the difference as compared to fragrances which are made from chemicals. 

How do you wear your perfume? Do you have a signature scent?

Well now I’m wearing Miel d’Arabie, obviously! But sometimes I mix, one on the other/on top. Which to my best friend, Alberto Morillas, is something you don’t do. The other day he said oh, what are you wearing? I said a bit of the Rose de Caroline and Miel d’Arabie, because I think they match and then I had a bit of sandalwood too. Then he said no no, you can’t do that! So he made me a special fragrance where I have all these ingredients together! 

What is your first olfactive memory?

I think I was a small girl and I was always not only playing with the jewellery of my mum but also trying her fragrances! So I think fragrances is something that is very personal and one fragrance — the same fragrance doesn’t smell the same on you as on me. It depends on how your skin absorbs it and reflects it. 

There’s a saying that when the woman goes, the perfume stays behind

Finally, what is the most fulfilling part about creating perfumes?

Well, I think when you personally wear it and somebody stops you and says oh, what is that smell? I think that’s the most rewarding part! 

Discover your own happy-chic with the Happy Chopard Fragrance Collection, available at all Chopard boutiques, as well as in selected Sephora stores and online.

Also don’t forget to hop on this short, lighthearted Q&A video between Andrea and Caroline (find out what’s the craziest thing they’ve done in their lives so far)!

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