You know that feeling — coasting through duty free or along the perfume aisle, maybe in a crowd — when you catch the muted trail of a fragrance and think that really smells like someone I know. Or, that scent is so someone. Olfactive experiences are powerful and one’s perfume choices are often more revealing than one would expect.

Which, is why perfumes make such personal and meaningful gifts. They divulge how you think and feel towards a person, perhaps even acting as subtle hints that you’d like them to think of you more, too. *wink*

Ahead of the festive period, we curated a designer perfume gift guide and matched it to the five girlfriends we think you would likely find in your own girl tribe. This Christmas, lavish your girlfriends with opulence you know they will love — we’ve got you covered!

1. Loewe 001 Woman Eau De Toilette (S$180, 100ML)

You know her: The sharpest dresser. Always put together, always sleek, she loves wearing masculine as much as feminine and does both effortlessly. Perhaps on the quiet side (but quietly confident), she prefers to let her polished style do the talking. Although, you know you can always count on her for sharing deep thoughts and an acute perceptiveness. 

The scent: Floral, crisp, warm. Loewe 001 opens with sparkling citrus notes of Italian bergamot, Calabria tangerine and pink pepper. At its heart is a combination of jasmine and clean linen, mixed with more aromatic sandalwood. Finally, a gourmand vanilla base wraps up the delicate but woody perfume with an almost unisex twist. Not for frills, the slim, minimalistic bottle can be slipped anywhere (but like its wearer, belies the elixir it holds).  

2. Penhaligon’s Heartless Helen Eau De Parfum (S$270, 100ML)

You know her: She’s hosting the party. She is the party. The girlfriend who is most independent and quite irreplaceable. She is fearless and knows exactly how to live her best life, by her rules. Insanely charismatic and witty, perhaps she has also got a sharp edge — but you know you can always count on her to have your back. 

The scent: Floral, woodsy, captivating. Heartless Helen is a soft, seductive blend of sparkling mandarin at the top, with a heart of loud tuberose and a dreamy wood base. The bottle is an inviting centrepiece in itself, with the swanky gold and rich emerald. How alluring! 

3. Byredo Slow Dance Eau De Parfum (S$232, 50ML)

You know her: The one who just got attached (or engaged)! *throws confetti* Still basking in the sunny glow of an uncharted chapter, perhaps she has been waiting on this new beginning for some time coming (so she’s extra resplendent!). The last time she beamed so bright was probably for you, because she is always the most excited for everybody else’s good news. 

The scent: Sweet, warm, intoxicating. Slow Dance opens with a heady opopanax, followed by more powdery floral notes of geranium, labdanum and violet. The delectable but smoky perfume dries down to a cosy patchouli and vanilla. Modern but with a tinge of vintage, Slow Dance is nostalgic of high school first dances and first love; perfect for a moment under the mistletoe. 

4. Floraïku Just A Rose Eau De Parfum (S$475, 50ML + 10ML)

You know her: The jet-setter. Your favourite daredevil, she’s the most adventurous of the group with a serious travel bug. Never one to stay put, she’s always exploring somewhere and challenging something new — a hike, jumping off a plane, a deep dive. You name it and she’s got it on her bucket list. Though no matter how far she might be, you bet you can always count on her for enduring positivity when the going gets tough. 

The scent: Fresh. Key ingredients of bergamot oil, rose absolute and guaiac wood oil layer for a clean, bright unisex fragrance. Just A Rose is a finely detailed scent that is soft, citrusy but warm all at the same time. The pretty refill case is inspired by traditional Japanese bento boxes and both elegant but sturdy. As with all Floraïku creations, the perfume is introduced with a haiku: Against all odds/ All thorns/ Just a rose. Indeed, the perfect companion for enigmatic adventures. 

5. Hermes Twilly D’Hermes Eau De Parfum (S$260, 85ML)

You know her: The career go-getter. The girlfriend who’s always been the most career-driven, the one you can always count on to hear out your career woes and for winning advice. She’s young, sophisticated, always bold and surely going places. Perhaps she even moved away to chase her career goals, brimming with a fortitude both admirable and charming. 

The scent: Floral, spicy, woody. Twilly D’Hermes is inspired by the free-spirited young woman, with a head of piquant ginger, a body of sensuous tuberose and warm sandalwood base. A reinvented combination of white florals with an aromatic twist, Twilly D’Hermes is unpredictable at every turn but ever refined — a truly exceptional work-appropriate fragrance. 

It’s the time of the year again! The jolly season is finally upon us, stay tuned for our line-up of festive articles for all your Christmas needs, wants and vibes. Stay merry!

Take care,

Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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