Starting out as an apothecary store that curated upscale beauty products from around the world, Fresh has since grown into a cult-favourite, go-to skincare brand with its pioneering use of natural ingredients. From soy to sake to sugar, Fresh face masks have captured hearts with their effective yet indulgent products that have been scientifically proven to work extremely well — and we’re putting that to the test. In today’s #ShebyDC, we’ve invited four Fresh users to dish out what they think about these Fresh favourites.

When it comes to taking care of our skin — whether we adhere to a 5 or 10-step skincare routine — we all know how important it is to prep your skin. It is no use slathering on a thick film of moisturiser if your pores aren’t cleansed thoroughly enough. To drive home the point, we asked the ladies to test out two masks each, beginning with a prep mask. With exfoliating and pore-cleansing properties, the prep mask helps to create a smooth and clean canvas for the enhancing masks that follow. Keep reading to find out what they thought!

Pei Shan, 33

Galissa, 29

Dianne, 22

Claire, 27

Having a bad day? Perhaps your boss beat down your back the entire week or the barista got your order wrong for the third time running. Maybe you just pulled a ridiculously late night. These Fresh masks won’t be fixing everything, but they will rescue stressed, dehydrated and dull skin so you can face the day with a gleaming complexion. That’s one step forward and you’ll be seizing the rest of your week before you know it!



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