Whether you’re braving Singapore’s perennial hot and humid climate or stuck on 5-hour plane ride, facial mists are a total lifesaver for dry and parched skin. Even more so that it’s the end of the year (already?!) and we’ve caught a serious travel bug — it’s no news that cabin air does tragedies for your skin. Although, if you’re one of the extra unfortunate few (like I am) who look particularly sapped of life even after short haul flights, facial mists are a travel necessity.

Regardless, we all know hydration is key to radiant, plump and healthy skin. Unfortunately, it is not always convenient to lug around a 125ml glass tub of moisturiser in our bags, much less dip our dirty fingers into the product whenever we want to apply it. Herein lies the beauty of facial mists: they are an innovative combination of convenience and instant hydration in one spritz, made for women on-the-go.

1. Sigi Skin Dew Potion, $48 (100ML)

The travel-friendly Dew Potion has an impressive ingredients list to boot: it is 100% natural, zero part water and laden with three powerful natural extracts — Chamomile, Aqua 3G and Macqui Berry. Designed precisely to combat dull, dehydrated skin from jet-setting, this essence mist is super-charged with anti-pollution, antioxidant, antiseptic and moisturising properties. So spritz away all-day to calm, protect and perk-up your skin for an instant plump, dewy radiance. A true ride-or-die for frequent flyers!

2. Caudalié Eau De Beauté Beauty Elixir, S$24 (30ML)

The Beauty Elixir is a rework and reinterpretation of a centuries-old royal recipe hailed by Queen Isabelle of Hungary herself. Mathilde Thomas, the founder of Caudalié, unveiled this impressive multi-tasking facial mist that is packed with essential oils and plant extracts such as Grape Seed (for moisture), Orange Blossom (to soothe and soften), Rose (to tone) as well as Rosemary (to rejuvenate).

3. Bio-Essence Bio-Water Energising Water, S$12.90 (100ML)

Remember the pH scale we learnt back in chemistry class? Well, it’s back to haunt you again because when it comes to skin, pH matters. Indeed, our skin is at its best when there is a balance between its acidity and alkalinity (preferably slightly acidic)l; having too much of either will open a whole Pandora’s box of skin issues! Bio-Essence’s Bio-Water is dermatologically tested to be pH-balanced and hypoallergenic, making it a great mist for those with sensitive skin. Moreover, apart from replenishing your skin’s hydration levels, this mattifying mist simultaneously aids in oil control and protects against pollution!

4. Fresh Rose Floral Toner, S$24 (60ML)

A toner that doubles up as a facial mist to hydrate your skin throughout the day? Yes, please.

Use this multi-tasking toner for your face and neck in the A.M. and P.M., as a facial mist to keep your skin refreshed and rehydrated 24/7, as well as a make-up setting spray. Made from rosewater, this facial mist soothes and remove impurities from your skin to leave it clearer and healthier-looking! A true handbag essential if you ask us.

5. La Mer The Mist, S$145 (100ML)

La Mer is one brand that constantly goes above and beyond in ensuring its products are exceptional. A case-in-point: their mist has a live internal magnet which helps to continually charge the ingredients inside for optimal results. Formulated with marine botanical extracts, revive dehydrated skin with a single spritz of this refreshing mist.



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