Alas, it’s December. The month where we reflect on the year, wondering how 365 days flew past in the blink of an eye. This particular December is also significant because not only is it the end of a year, but the end of a decade (what?!). A new era is approaching and while this may be exciting, the thought of having aged over the decade and witnessing fine lines gradually form on your face may be terrifying for some. 

Maybe you are sick and tired of trying out every single anti-ageing gimmick there is in the market. Maybe you’ve even considered going for botox to put a stop to your sagging skin. But before you venture into those invasive needles, perhaps this new moisturiser could put ease your worries. Clinique’s Fresh Pressed Repair Clinical MD Multi-Dimensional Age Transformer Duo is the brand’s latest anti-ageing product and it’s revolutionary. 

This Multi-Dimensional Age Transformer Duo Is Botox In A Jar


Upon opening the jar, you would be pleasantly surprised to find two different moisturisers packed into one. Both moisturisers are specially formulated with Morpho Technology to tackle any worrying signs of ageing. On one hand, Resculpt is a gel-cream that contains a blend of Sweet Almond Seed Extract. This provides your skin with an instant tightening sensation which is great because I am all about that instant gratification. On the other, Revolumise (the purple section), is an instant-plumping dense cream that resurfaces the skin’s texture, gradually building volume day after day.

A Functional and Targeted Moisturiser

I really appreciate the Multi-Dimensional Age Transformer Duo for its duality. Not only am I able to get two different anti-ageing solutions in the same jar, its deliberate attempt to separate both moisturisers but still ingeniously compact it into a single product also means that I am able to control the exact amount of each moisturiser I put on my skin. 

I’ll admit that as someone in her early twenties, I definitely cannot give the most accurate reviews on anti-ageing products. But what I can say for certain is that this duo moisturiser does deliver the utmost hydration to my skin. It feels rich but does not leave too much unwanted greasy residue on my skin. Upon application, my skin instantly feels smoother and more nourished which is a great indication that this moisturiser is working! There is hope in controlling those wrinkles and sagging skin so don’t be too quick to jump into botox just yet!

Clinique is and has always been a classic go-to brand when it comes to skincare. Their Anti-Blemish Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel has been a personal life-saver for me and if you’ve never tried any of their products, it’s high time you two get officially introduced. We can’t control time and ageing but we can definitely control the rate that our skin matures. So let’s embrace the start of a new decade with happy and youthful skin!


Stephanie Low

Stephanie Low

Content & Community Manager at The DC Edit


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