Just like one’s taste in fashion, one’s skincare routine is highly personal. Because everyone’s skin is so vastly different, what may seem like a life-changing product for someone with dry skin may not necessarily work for someone with sensitive skin. But despite the dizzying opinions and preferences in the realm of skincare, there’s surprisingly one product that everyone in the DC Edit office unanimously swears by. Introducing: Bioderma’s H2O Micellar Water

I found it interesting that out of all the different variations of makeup removers — micellar waters, balms, facial wipes (the list goes on), all of us have, in our own personal journey with skincare, found ourselves acquainted with the brand and have never looked back since. I personally use the Sébium H2O which is great for combination and oily skin. But for those with other skin types, fret not! There’s also the Hydrabio H2O for dehydrated skin and the Sensibio H2O for sensitive skin — talk about inclusivity in skincare!

Not Just Your Average H2O

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Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micellar Solution 500ml (S$41.90)

Unlike cleansing oils and balms, micellar water contains tiny micelles (microscopic cleansing agents). These micelles exist to penetrate into places your regular facial cleansers can’t reach or identify. They function as a strong magnet, attracting makeup, sebum and dirt on the skin. This is also the reason why cleansing your skin with a regular facial cleanser isn’t going to cut it.

TL;DR: removing your makeup with a makeup remover is definitely non-negotiable

What people in the DC office really like about Bioderma’s H2O Micellar Water is that it’s designed for all skin types. From dehydrated to sensitive skin, it whisks away even the most long-lasting mascaras with ease. Furthermore, no additional water is required to wash it away after application, making it the true star of the lot. This miracle worker is also formulated with highly purified water. The water is so pure, you can literally inject it into your skin (water for injection) and nothing will happen. This is also why it is incredibly suitable for people with sensitive skin!

A Micellar Water That Helps With Anti-Ageing?

More than just an effective makeup remover (with no alcohol), what really drew me into Bioderma’s H2O Micellar Water is its ability to eliminate even the smallest of air particles. PM 2.5 to PM 1 to be exact. This, in turn, slows down our skin’s ageing process by allowing it to dodge these small but harmful particles.

To save you from all the environmental jargon, let me break this down for you. Simply put, PM 2.5 are air pollutants that are many times smaller than the pores of our skin. Such particles, when they enter our pores, can cause inflammation, which accelerates the development of age spots and wrinkles.  After finding out that Bioderma’s H2O Micellar Water has the power to even eliminate PM 1 particles (something smaller than what my brain can even comprehend), I knew that this was a definitely cleansing powerhouse not to be reckoned with. 

In a far-fetched idealistic world, I dream of wearing makeup that automatically removes itself the minute I reach home. But since that is evidently not possible, I’m glad that the office and I have found this miracle worker of a bottle. It effectively removes all traces of makeup and has been miraculously compatible with all skin types. I’d dare say that the multiple bottles that I’ve gone through over the years are truly the unsung heroes of my skincare routine and definitely deserve a whole lot more love in the skincare market.

PS: We love Bioderma’s H20 Micellar Water so much we want to spread the love this season of giving! More details to come on @thedcedit, stay tuned!


Stephanie Low

Stephanie Low

Content & Community Manager at The DC Edit


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