A while back, we spilled on all the 2019 beauty trends we’re hoping would live zealously on in 2020. Now 2 weeks into the new year (where did all the time go?), we’re back with another entry from our beauty junkie diaries. Amidst the 2020 buzz, here are 5 things we’re doing to satisfy our beauty enthusiast souls, in preparation for the new year!

1. Up Our Healthy Hair & Scalp Game

I haven’t always had the healthiest hair. From having an extra wispy and dry mane in my teens, I’ve spent the past few years actively trying to improve my hair condition. And while I’ve heard about trichology in passing, I only (finally) gave it a shot this year.

Not to be confused with services offered at regular hair salons, trichology is a branch of paramedical science that studies the hair and scalp. As a visit to Leonica K Trichology would prove, the practice is pleasantly holistic; underpinned by the belief that one’s overall physical/emotional health is at the core of hair and scalp wellness. All sessions at Leonica K begin with a detailed consultation which honestly, low-key blew my mind. Especially when Leonica was able to infer and match my general well-being to the health of my hair! Apart from customising all treatments to every customer’s hair/scalp condition, Leonica K’s hair care products are also developed entirely in-house. Now, that’s a solid start to another chapter in my search for lasting hair health! 

2. Call Time On Aging

Clarins 3

Don’t get me wrong, I fully appreciate growing up. Although I won’t deny that little pinch I feel at the thought of growing old every time a new year comes. So this year, we’re taking our anti-aging routine to a grand new level. Quite literally, with the good old Clarins Golden Double Serum in a stunning new, Chinese New Year gold edition bottle. Add a touch of brilliance to your vanity while revelling in Clarins’ iconic anti-aging treatment that’s supercharged with 21 plant extracts. The multi-tasking serum also aims to hydrate, nourish, oxygenate, regenerate and protect, in order to combat all signs of skin aging. I guess you could say we’re onto better things!

3. Stock Up On Sun Care Essentials

Post 3

Here’s one that never gets old — sun care! Yep, you know it wouldn’t be us if we left this one out. While wearing and stocking up on SPF should be a year-round habit, a new year seems like the perfect opportunity to ‘amp up your daily sun care routine. (Or start one if you haven’t already!) For a set that saves you the trouble, Supergoop!’s Your Everyday SPF Skincare Kit checks all the boxes of a winning SPF regime. The kit features a lineup of the brand’s best, from their water-resistant Everyday Sunscreen (SPF 50) to the traceless Unseen Sunscreen (SPF 40) and ultra-convenient Defense Refresh Setting Mist (SPF 50). We already know that reapplying SPF is paramount for lasting protection and this Supergoop! set is going to take you from day to night, all year round. 

4. Find A New Holy Grail Lipstick

Hands up if you find yourself excessively loyal to that one lipstick, regardless of how many lippies you actually own. (I couldn’t relate more.) Since I rarely swap around my lipsticks, a new year seems like a pretty good prompt to (finally) find a new everyday lippie. And for extra festive, new year vibes, the Rouge Dior Happy 2020 is a bullet to beat. This limited edition collection dresses up the classic Rouge Dior in fine holiday details — with a touch of sparkle on the case and an engraving of Dior’s name into the lipstick bullet. Besides, you can’t go wrong with the original Rouge Dior formula, infused with mango butter and hyaluronic acid spheres for ultimate comfort. With both matte and satin finishes to choose between, it’s a holy grail waiting to happen!

5. Get Beautifully Organised

Post 6
While this isn’t directly beauty-related, what’s a 2020 prep list without a planner? I personally believe that journals/planners/diaries go a long way in helping one make the most out of their time. There’s also something special, almost sentimental, about taking time to pen things down. We especially love how The Paper Bunny’s 2020 planners get you organised and more — with sections for to-dos, self-love, goals, things to be grateful for and a generous peppering of motivational quotes. Here’s a big cheers to creating the year we want! (Pictured: The Paper Bunny Regular Earth 2020 Planner

How are you getting prepped for 2020? We’d love to be in the know, so shout us in the comments below!

Take care,

Melisa Goh

Melisa Goh

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