As another decade came to an end, so did Sasa when they announced that they will be closing down for good in Singapore. To me, Sasa was the place where I purchased many of my first beauty tools. From eyelash curlers to eyebrow tweezers, the beauty store had served me well throughout my teenage years. But like everyone else who was saddened by the imminent closure of the store, I knew I had to make the most out of its closing down sales. With that, here are my top 3 favourite things I bought from their massive clearance sale.


The Balm’s  Mary-Lou Manizer (S$19.50)



The Balm has always been known for its cheeky names and distinctive vintage packaging. This made it stand out amongst the other players along the beauty aisles of Sasa. Many people have raved about their Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter. Although that did tempt me to try it out for myself, spending S$39 on a drug-store highlighter was definitely its main barrier of entry for me. So when I heard that Sasa was having major closing-down sales, I knew that this was a product that I had to get my hands on. 


After trying out the product, I have to say that the accolade is not an exaggeration. The Mary-Lou Manizer revealed an extremely versatile champagne shimmer. Brush once for a natural highlight-from-within look, or go over the pan with your brush multiple times to truly illuminate the peak points of your face. Currently sold as $19.50, this highlighter has undoubtedly landed its spot on the top things to buy from Sasa. 


Celebeau’s Marble Change Lip in Shade Coco Rose (S$14.50)




I love beauty products that are ingenious, yet extremely wearable. This was why I decided to purchase Celebeau’s Marble Change Lip. Packaged in neon pink and blue, this product is known for its colour changing abilities. Swipe it across your lips and you will be pleasantly surprised to see the product change its colour based on your lip’s temperature. 


I was initially skeptical about this product but one glide got me sold. It applies smoothly without and feels like you are not wearing anything on your lips at all. Plus, the formula is extremely hydrating thanks to the ingredients such as castor oil, revealing a sweet pink shade which you can layer on for greater intensity. 


Neogence’s Hydrating Exfoliating Gel (S$17.50)



Talk to any beauty expert and they would say that exfoliating is key to achieving brighter and clearer skin. This hydrating exfoliating gel has an extremely gentle formula. It effectively sloughs away your dead skin cells without any tugging or scratching. I am not a fan of rough scrubs so this exfoliating gel definitely did the trick.


Apart from being gentle, what I really like about this product is that it is packed with Hyaluronic Acid and Phoenix Dactylifera Seed which left my skin feeling clean and hydrated. It is a definite must-try for those who worry about exfoliators stripping moisture off their skin.



I guess it’s true when they say that all good things must come to an end. We were lucky to have had Sasa for as long as we did.


With Love,


Stephanie Low

Stephanie Low

Content & Community Manager at The DC Edit


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