In 2020, we started off the new year with the intention of fostering a sense of community amongst our DC Edit followers. We wanted DC Edit to be more than a media site — to be a platform that can bring like-minded individuals from different walks of life together. With that in mind, we kickstarted the first of our many monthly community events with an intimate pineapple tart baking session in-lieu of the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Our followers were given the same ingredients and a suggested recipe that Andrea had tried. The rest was up to their creativity and imagination. Scroll on to see what went down at the first #DCCommunity event of 2020!

 Preparing the necessary ingredients to make their pineapple tart dough.


  Working in pairs to make the perfect pineapple tart dough. (It might or might not have caused a little bit of rivalry amongst the 3 pairs.)


Shaping the dough and pineapple jam!

Popping them into the oven!



Moment of truth…..

I guess it’s a success?


And that marks the end of our first #DCCommunity of the year! If you are interested in trying Andrea’s pineapple tart recipe, you can find it over here. Thank you for reading and we hope that you can be part of the next #DCCommunity.


With Love,



(For more pictures from the event, head to our Facebook page!)

Stephanie Low

Stephanie Low

Content & Community Manager of The DC Edit


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