Having moved into my new home in November, I’ve been stuck in this furniture/ decor flurry. First there was the general I-need-to-fill-up-my-home fixtures like the living and dining room essentials. Then December came and I was buying things for Christmas (see: Christmas plants, fairy lights, miniature Santa Claus figurines ​- don’t ask -​ for the garden etc.), and here we are now. In January. Preparing for Chinese New Year (CNY). Where has the time gone?! My Christmas plants have yet to deteriorate and here I am already shopping for ‘auspicious plants’ for my home. Hence there’s this weird Christmas/ CNY decor aesthetic going on which I can’t quite explain to guests.

In this article, I will attempt to help you spruce up your home for CNY… and more. Since I’ve got my house, I’ve started to take a conscientious effort in buying things that have longevity – plants aside, the pieces I’ve picked are not meant to be thrown out after CNY, they can take you into the new year and a new beginning!

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Plants are great decor pieces that don’t cost much (though maintenance can admittedly, be a chore), plus they are a great mood-booster – ​studies​ have shown plants make you a happier and more productive person.

Ever since I’ve started introducing plants into our home (the following images are shot at our home!), Imran has been tendering to our green babies daily, and there’s nothing more romantic than seeing your partner tend to your plants with such affection.


1.Bonsai Plants – Bonsai are a great addition: they last long and symbolize ‘​harmony, peace, … balance and all that is good in nature’.


2. Marigold – Notably one of the more ‘auspicious’ plants to buy this season. When choosing plants for CNY: ‘bright yellow flowers signify longevity, while the darker gold types represent wealth and prosperity!’

3. Pussy Willow and Lucky Bamboo (Normally comes in a pack of 8 stems) – more auspicious plants to place at home for LUCK, LUCK and LUCK!


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Don’t knock it till you try it – I LOVE Taobao, and I’ve bought several pieces via Taobao from my home (to which ​everyone ​gasps when the source of the furniture piece that they love in my home is revealed: “REALLY? Taobao?!”). But really guys, I am of the firm belief that most of the items in Singapore are made in China ​anyway​, why pay a premium in Singapore when you can buy it directly from China? Navigating the app might be a hassle if your mandarin is not great, so enlist the help of friends!

1. Vases – Taobao has a great variety of vases that you probably cannot find in Singapore. Go for the structural-shaped pieces or the retro acrylic ones. Your coffee table/ desk will be instantly spruced. Or if you’re like me, buy a set of 2-3 vases and use it shelving decor.


Shop | Shop


2. Sofa Arm Chair – I got this exact green velvet swivel armchair for my living room. It gets shipped into Singapore in a crate so there’s no assembly involved. It’s so comfy and it has been Imran’s favourite choice of seat!


3. Lights – So important in determining the mood of a room. Always buy warm white lightbulbs and not the bright white!




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… and if your home is in need of some serious organisation/ revamping in time for CNY, here are some furniture pieces that might come in useful.

1. Piper Bookshelf – apart from obviously being a shelf for your books, the unique shelving design of this bookshelf makes for a great photo frame/ candle/ vase display shelf too! A great way to add that welcoming touch to your home/



2. Miles Desk – New year new you! If you have been sitting on that personal passion project for months or even years, it’s time to get organised and get going. A home office desk will give you your space to focus and get inspired. Decorate your desk with plants and vases from Far East Flora and Taobao as recommended above!




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Writing this post has got me a little bit emotional – I started writing posts about outfits for University, and here I am, writing posts for my – gasp – HOME.

Thank you guys for adulting with me. Yes. Adulting is real and stressful at times, but it’s also so much fun. I hope you guys enjoyed the useful CNY decor suggestions – remember to invest in everlasting pieces!





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