I’ve always heard heaps of stories (or laments) from my friends with naturally curly hair. From getting ready in the morning to dealing with wet hair after a shower, maintaining naturally curly hair is definitely no easy feat. More often than not, girls with naturally curly hair have a lot more work to do behind-the-scenes than we can ever imagine. This is why we enlisted the help of 3 women who gave their personal recommendations on the best hair products they’ve used to help them maintain those voluminous locks. Keep reading and you might just find your next go-to hair product in this list!


Ranjenee, 23

Curly Hair Type: 2C

What that means: Hair is still within the wavy range but leaning towards the curlier side. 2C curls tend to be thicker and coarser, causing it to get frizzy easily. 

Her recommendations:

Cynos’ Argan Oil Thairapy

Sometimes shampooing can dry out your curls, bringing out the worst in them. Enter: Argan Oil Thairapy. Spread this hair oil from your roots to the tip of your hair and leave it on for an hour before showering. Not only will this protect your hair from drying out, but it will also keep your curls looking insanely soft. Not to mention, this oil is suitable for use on your body too! Talk about getting a bang for your buck. 


TRESemmé’s Repair & Protect 7 Pre-Style Spray


Daily brushing, blow-drying and sometimes straightening are often a must for girls with naturally curly hair. This is why one of the girls recommended this pre-styling spray by TRESemmé. It’s formulated with Biotin which protects your curls from heat, preventing any unnecessary frizz or breakage from all that styling. 


Jenany Nathan, 25

Curly Hair Type: 3B

What that means: Hair is in the curly range and curls often appear as coarse and springy ringlets with the circumference of a standard bullet lipstick. Often prone to dryness.

Her recommendation:

Kinky-Curly’s Knot Today Natural Leave-In Detangler 

This is a creamy leave-in conditioner that helps to smoothen your hair,  removing any knots or tangles painlessly. It features herbal ingredients such as organic slippery elm and organic lemongrass which help to nourish your curls while still letting them do their thing.


Jannell Job, 23

Curly hair type: 3C

What that means: Hair is still within the curly range but leaning towards kinky and coily. 3C hair types tend to have tight corkscrew curls that are densely packed. Such hair types are also often susceptible to frizzing. 

Her recommendations:

Sephora Collection’s No Frizz Cream

As the name suggests, this curl-friendly formula helps to control frizz and adds softness into your hair. Work this cream through damp hair and dry your hair as usual. Your curls are left soft, swingy and protected from all that frizz and humidity. 


Abyssian’s Abbysinian Oil Hair Serum

Abyssinian oil (a sustainable ancient Mediterranean crop extract with a unique fatty acid structure) is this serum’s power ingredient. It works to prevent breakage, add more shine, all while eliminating frizz.



Everyone’s hair is different. These products may not be a one-size-fits-all but they sure have worked for these women so we hope that they’ll work on you too.


With love,


Stephanie Low

Stephanie Low

Content & Community Manager at The DC Edit


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